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Want to learn more about your community? Experience your neighborhood events captured in photos, through the Washington Post Community Guides.

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In Face of Growth, Holding Fast to Rural Past

Frederick County’s history is closely tied to key battles of the Civil War and to a deep-seated religiosity -- a county anchored in its agricultural traditions. ... READ MORE

Heroes, Drunkards and Royalty — Captured in County Names

What can you say about a man accused of having his own private harem, and who was the central character in a notorious London rape case? Why, you can say that Frederick County is named after him. ... READ MORE

Maryland Weathers Slump in Housing Market

Fast growth and comparatively moderate housing costs helped home price appreciation in Prince George’s County blast past the rest of the area last year, even as the real estate market wallowed in most of the nation. ... READ MORE

More resources for Frederick Residents

Everything you need to know about Frederick County -- government, emergency and other services, utilities, health care, food, recreation and performing arts ... READ MORE IN THE COMMUNITY GUIDE

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Slug lines are a way to form impromptu carpools and help drivers meet passenger minimums.
Slug lines are a way to form impromptu carpools and help drivers meet passenger minimums. (By Marvin Joseph -- The Washington Post)
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