Civic Organizations

Arlington County Civic Federation
3859 N. Second St.
Arlington, Va., 22203

Patrick A. Smaldore Jr., president.

Arlington Community Foundation
2525 Wilson Blvd.
Arlington, Va., 22201
703-243-4785 Fax: 703-243-4796

The Arlington Community Foundation is a charitable foundation that brings the community together by connecting those with the resources to those people and organizations with fresh ideas and the expertise to strengthen and revitalize neighborhoods and the community. The foundation also awards a variety of scholarships and grants each year.

Alcova Heights Citizens Association
3916 S. Seventh St.
Arlington, Va., 22204

Bob Dawson, president.

Arlington Forest Citizens Association
140 N. Park Dr.
Arlington, Va., 22203

Don Beale, president.

Arlington Heights Civic Association
Arlington, Va.,

Carole Lieber, president.

Arlington Ridge Civic Association
2206 S. Knoll St.
Arlington, Va., 22202

Richard Herbst, president.

Arlington View Civic Association
1635 S. 13th Rd.
Arlington, Va., 22204

C. Eugene Hubbard, president.

Arlington-East Falls Church Civic Association
6821 N. 19th Rd.
Arlington, Va., 22205

John Wilson, president.

Ashton Heights Civic Association
802 N. Irving St.
Arlington, Va., 22201

Joan FitzGerald, president.

Ballston-Virginia Square Civic Association
1050 N. Stuart St. #314
Arlington, Va, 22201

Dennis Burr, president.

Barcroft School and Civic League
902 S. Buchanan St.
Arlington, Va., 22204

Eric Harold, president.

Bellevue Forest Citizens' Association
3655 N. Monroe St.
Arlington, Va., 22207

Dan Radke, president.

Bluemont Civic Association
PO Box 5134
Arlington, Va., 22205

Judah dal Cais, president.

Boulevard Manor Civic Association
202 N. Montague St.
Arlington, Va., 22203
703-294-4922 703-236-6257

Matthew Doyle, president.

Buckingham Community Civic Association
504-J N. Thomas St.
Arlington, Va., 22203

Patrick Hope, president.

Chain Bridge Forest Civic Association
4103 N. River St.
McLean, Va., 22101

Karin Brough, president.

Cherry Valley Nature Area Neighbors' Association
3816 N. 18th St.
Arlington, Va., 22207

Robert L. Beckman, president.

Cherrydale Citizens Association
Arlington, Va., 22207

Maureen Ross, president.

Claremont Citizens Association
PO Box 3083
Alexandria, Va., 22302

Mark Buchholz, president.

Clarendon-Courthouse Civic Association
2624 Clarendon Blvd.
Arlington, Va., 22201

Lisa Chavez, president.

Columbia Forest Civic Association
5013 S. 12th St
Arlington, Va., 22204

Sandra O'Connor, president.

Columbia Heights Civic Association
PO Box 41556
Arlington, Va., 22204

John Antonelli, president

Columbia Heights West Civic Association
5040 S. Seventh Rd. #201
Arlington, Va., 22204

Linda LeDuc, president.

Dominion Hills Civic Association
5917 N. 10th Rd.
Arlington, Va., 22205

Donaldson Run Civic Association
2749 N. Wakefield St.
Arlington, Va., 22207

Ned Rhodes, president.

Douglas Park Civic Association
4122 16th St. S.
Arlington, Va., 22204

John Snyder, president.

Dover-Crystal Civic Association
Arlington, Va., 22207

Dennis Macdonald, president.

East Barcroft Association
916 S. George Mason Dr.
Arlington, Va., 22204

Karen Cavanaugh, president.

Fairlington Citizens Association
PO Box 6182
Arlington, Va., 22206

Nancy Hunt, president.

Foxcroft Heights Neighborhood Association
813 S. Orme St.
Arlington, Va., 22204

Deborah Smith, president.

Glebewood Civic Association
2113 N. Brandywine St.
Arlington, Va., 22207

Laura Johnson, president.

Glencarlyn Citizens Association
5711 S. Fourth St.
c/o Carlin Hall
c/o Carlin Hall
Arlington, Va., 22204

Mary Beth Corcoran, president.

Highland Park-Overlee Knolls Civic Association
Arlington, Va, 22205

Tom Hetrick, president.

John M. Langston Civic Association
2106 N. Emerson St.
Arlington, Va., 22207

Willie M. Jackson-Baker, president.

Leeway Overlee Civic Association
6113 22nd St. N.
Arlington, Va., 22205

Vicki Howard, president.

Long Branch Creek Civic Associaton
2632 S. Uhle St.
Arlington, Va., 22206

Luis Baez, president.

Lyon Park Citizens Association
414 N. Fillmore St.
Arlington, Va., 22201

Erik Gutshall, president.

Lyon Village Citizens Association
Arlington, Va., 22201

Mark Weinress, president.

Madison Manor Civic Association
1112 N. Quantico St.
Arlington, Va., 22205

Max Donley, president.

Maywood Community Association
3402 N. 21st Ave.
Arlington, Va., 22207

Michael McMenamin, president.

Nauck Civic Association
PO Box 4037
Arlington, Va., 22204

Alfred O.Taylor Jr., president.

North Highlands Citizens Association
2105 N. Courthouse Rd.
Arlington, Va., 22201

Anita Machhar and Ponnappa Paleyanda, co-presidents.

North Rosslyn Civic Association
1922 N. Ode St.
Arlington, Va., 22209

Kenneth L. Marcus, president.

Old Dominion Citizens Association
2243 N. Columbus St.
Arlington, Va., 22207
703-276-0910 202-606-9587

John W. Rutter, president.

Old Glebe Civic Association
3832 N. Military Rd.
Arlington, Va., 22207
703-527-5415 Fax: 703-276-3140

Burt Bostwick, president.

Penrose Neighborhood Association
708 S. Veitch St.
Arlington, Va., 22204

Chris Alvord and Ernie Butler, co-presidents.

Radnor/Fort Myer Heights Civic Association
1510 N. 12th St. #701
Arlington, Va., 22209
703-527-2630 Fax: 703-527-2839

Stanley G. Karson, president.

Rivercrest Civic Association
3731 Military Rd.
Arlington, Va., 22207

Mona Steffen, president.

Rock Spring Civic Association
5118 N. 33rd St.
Arlington, Va., 22207

Paul Michl, president.

Stafford-Abermarle-Glebe Civic Association
3942 N. Upland St.
Arlington, Va., 22207
703-533-9539 Fax: 703-533-1612

Milton M. Bush, president.

Tara-Leeway Heights Civic Asssociation
PO Box 50022
Arlington, Va., 22205

Ted Stump, president.

Waverly Hills Civic Association
2048 N. Woodstock St.
Arlington, Va., 22207
703-812-4918 Fax: 703-351-8812

Lewis Bromberg, president.

Waycroft-Woodlawn Civic Association
4905 N. 15th St.
Arlington, Va., 22205

Hans Bauman, president.

Westover Village Civic Asociation
5820 Washington Blvd.
Arlington, Va., 22205

Ursula Harscheid, president.

Westwind Civic Association
1025 N. George Mason Dr.
Arlington, Va, 22205

Nancy Morgan, president.

Williamsburg Civic Association
6052 Little Falls Rd.
Arlington, Va., 22207

Ellen Jones, president.

Woodmont Civic Association
2807 Lorcom Lane
Arlington, Va., 22207

Naiem Sherbiny, president.

Yorktown Civic Association
2732 N. Harrison St.
Arlington, Va., 22207
703-241-8111 703-208-5660

David Haring, president.

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