Maxine Turner

Maxine Turner

Hometown: Vienna, Va.

Age: 22

Class: Senior

Major: Chemical Engineering

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Profile: When Maxine Turner spent a month working at a Vienna lingerie store this winter, she took her work home. She wrote a blog entry telling women how to fit a bra correctly, and threw in a plug for the store, Trousseau Ltd.: "Check 'em out ladies, it's well worth it!!!"

Putting in extra work came naturally to Turner, 22, a chemical engineering major killed Monday in her German class, just weeks from graduation.

A graduate of James Madison High in Vienna, she had lined up a job starting this summer with W.L. Gore, a technology and manufacturing company in Elkton, Md.

She beat out hundreds of applicants, said Jane Gardner, a college recruiter who interviewed Turner for the job. "I just saw a very bright young woman," she said. "She talked about being a woman going into an engineering world and just her positive energy around that, and her passion for interacting with other women in engineering. I'm just really sad because I'm thinking about how she was on the brink of a really great opportunity and she invested so much of her time completing her degree."

A woman who answered the phone at the home of Turner's parents said the family, which includes her brother, Anthony, an eighth-grader, was too distraught to talk.

Friends posting comments on Turner's Myspace and Facebook accounts reminisced about a "notorious elementary school 'Tina-Turner' duo” and her “awesome strawberry sauce for pancakes."

Paul Fraser, who said he dated Turner for years in high school, recalled swing dancing every Saturday at a club in Tysons Corner.

"We'd dance all night," Fraser wrote in a blog entry. "That was our thing."

-- Tara Bahrampour, The Washington Post

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