Rachael Elizabeth Hill

Rachael Elizabeth Hill

Hometown: Richmond, Va.

Age: 18

Class: Freshman

Major: Undeclared

Profile: News of Rachael Hill's death hit hard at Grove Avenue Christian School in Richmond, a school with just 260 students, said Mark Becton, pastor of its affiliated church, Grove Avenue Baptist.

"What was so special and yet painful about it was that she was part of a graduating class of 10 seniors who knew each other very well," Becton said. Many of Hill's close friends returned to their school to grieve together yesterday.

Becton described Hill as a "gracious and infectious" young woman who grew up in a deeply religious family in suburban Richmond.

She was honored by the school last year as sportswoman of the year for her play on the volleyball team. Afterward, Becton said, she turned to her coach and quipped, "I think I can have my jersey retired now."

Now, Becton said, they will retire the jersey.

-- Annie Gowen, The Washington Post

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