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Warner 'Energy' Ad
Another in a series evaluating political ads.

Tuesday, August 28, 2001

Election: Governor of Virginia, Mark L. Earley (R) vs. Mark R. Warner (D)
Buyer: Warner for Governor
Name: 'Energy'
Producer: Frank Greer
Length: 30 seconds
Coverage: Southwest Virginia

Businessman Randy Frazier:
You know, the first time I met Mark Warner, I knew he'd be a great leader. Hešs someone who really cares and has invested in southwest Virginia.

Narrator: Mark Warner. An action plan for southwest Virginia. Focus on education. With stronger vocational training and better teacher salaries.
Provide all families with clean drinking water. And double farm revenue.

Video: Courtesy Mark Warner for Governor

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  Frazier: Mark Warneršs done so much for the people of Virginia already. Just think what he can do as governor.

Narrator: Mark Warner. The right leadership for Virginia.

This wide-ranging ad fits into a Warner theme of bringing the promise of a new day to struggling southwest Virginia. Frazier, a well-known and well-respected businessman in the area, lends Warner a measure of authority and familiarity in a part of the state where the Northern Virginian is seen by many as an outsider who doesnšt know Bristol from Bristow. Warner advocates vocational training for all students by ninth grade and

raising teacher salaries to the national average by the end of his four-year term. Warner estimates it will take about $500 million to bring teacher salaries to the national average. Doubling farm revenue would be the southwestern equivalent of Northern Virginia landing another AOL. Warner says he will achieve this by establishing an executive branch office to market Virginia crops. Clean drinking water touches on a health concern for many rural residents who have unsafe water. Steven Ginsberg