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Warner 'Straight Talk' Ad
Another in a series evaluating political ads.

Friday, October 19, 2001

Election: Governor of Virginia, Mark L. Earley (R) vs. Mark R. Warner (D)
Buyer: Mark Warner for Governor
Name: 'Straight Talk '
Producer: Frank Greer
Length: 30 seconds
Coverage: Northern Virginia

Warner comes onto the screen sitting in a sunny room with framed family pictures off his left shoulder. He speaks directly into the camera. Halfway through the spot, thescene shifts to shots of heavy traffic on state roads before returning to Warner.

Video: Courtesy Mark Warner for Governor

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Special Report

Warner: Youíve heard a lot of false charges from my opponent in this yearís governorís race. Let me set the record straight. I will not raise taxes. As a fiscal conservative, I know government has to live within its means. Iíve simply said letís trust the people. The people of Northern Virginia want the right to vote locally on how to fund transportation. They should have that right. Their vote would only affect them, not anyone else in Virginia. Despite my opponentís attempts to mislead you, thatís the truth.

Warner wants to deflect Earleyís charge that he would raise taxes. Warner says he will not raise taxes, but supports a proposed referendum in Northern Virginia that if passed would allow the region to raise taxes to fund transportation needs.

The ad also echoes other statements in which Warner has sought to frame the debate in terms of trust, not taxes, fitting into a theme casting Earley as a typical politician running a negative campaign full of false charges.

In a slightly different version of this ad running downstate, Warner inserts a line telling voters that the referendum applies only to residents of Northern Virginia, addressing charges from Earley that Warner would support proposals in other regions.
Steven Ginsberg