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D.C. Postal Workers Undergo Anthrax Screenings
Monday, October 22, 2001

At the District of Columbia General Hospital, U.S. postal workers are being tested for exposure to airborne anthrax after two local postal employees from D.C.'s Brentwood facility tested positive for inhalation anthrax -- the most deadly form of the disease. Two other postal workers died, but the link to anthrax was not immediately established.

Postal workers at the hospital said they were concerned about the delay in testing after more than 20 people at Senate Majority Leader Thomas Daschle's office were exposed to a letter containing anthrax spores last week. The Brentwood facility handles mail bound for Capitol Hill.

At a press conference Monday, D.C. mayor Anthony Williams and D.C. chief medical officer Ivan Walks addressed questions about the spread of anthrax.

Reginald Wynn, a letter carrier from Maryland's Ward Place Station

Cynthia Hudson, a postal carrier from D.C.' s Brentwood station

Anthony Williams, mayor of the District of Columbia

Ivan Walks, chief medical officer for the District of Columbia

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