Frozen Frog Time-Lapse Video
Thursday, Dec. 9, 2004; 1:44 PM

Video taken by scientists at Miami University in Ohio shows, through time-lapse photography, the process of a wood frog unfreezing.

This wood frog, which lives in woods all over the Washington area and ranges as far north as Alaska, is one of a few animals with the ability to freeze solid during the winter and thaw out again unharmed. The secret is a process by which the frogs fill their cells with natural antifreeze, which keeps the cells unfrozen even as the space around them fills with ice.

Scientists are trying to mimic this process in human organs, with the hope of extending the time that transplant organs can be kept outside the body.

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Trying to Crack An Icy Mystery: Cryogenetic Secrets May Aid Organ Transplants (Post, Dec. 12, 2004)

Email Link video: Prof. Jon Costanzo, Miami University
Edited by: Juanita Constible / Miami University

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