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The Columbia Disaster: Audio and Video Archive

Columbia Astronauts
The crew of the space shuttle Columbia makes the trip to the launch pad. (File Photo)

Scene: National Cathedral Memorial (2/6/03)
Scene: Johnson Space Center (2/4/03)
Prayer Services Honor Fallen Astronauts (2/2/03)
Texas Residents Heard Noise That Shook Homes (2/1/03)
Possible Debris Found in Nacogdoches, Texas (2/1/03)
Cape Canaveral Reaction (2/1/03)

Featured Video

Inside Mission Control (2/14/03)
Astronauts Honored at National Cathedral (2/6/03)
Community Conversations (2/5/03)
Columbia Remembered at Air and Space Museum(2/3/03)
Sunday Service in Nacogdoches (2/3/03)
A Hot Meal (2/3/03)
Nacogdoches Debris (2/1/03)


Helicopter Camera Recorded Shuttle Reentry (2/13/03)
Israeli Astronaut Laid to Rest (2/12/03)
NASA Says Columbia Posed No Safety Risk (2/12/03)
Space Station Crew on Shuttle Tragedy (2/11/03)
Shuttle History Shows Upgrades Shortchanged (2/10/03)
Astronauts Honored at Kennedy Space Center (2/7/03)
Columbia's 'Explorers' Honored (2/6/03)
NASA Reduces Foam's Role (2/5/03)
NASA Briefing (2/5/03)
Columbia Astronauts Memorialized (2/4/03)
Columbia 7 Memorial (2/4/03)
NASA: Insulation, Tiles Examined (2/3/03)
Close Up of Debris That Struck Wing of Shuttle (2/3/03)
White House on NASA (2/3/03)
NASA Administrator Bill Readdy (2/3/03)
NASA: Columbia Experienced Unusual Temperature Rise (2/2/03)
Aldrin on Columbia Tragedy (2/2/03)
NASA Begins Space Shuttle Probe (2/2/03)
Sharon Offers Condolences (2/2/03)
Bush Remarks on Columbia Loss (2/1/03)
NASA Officials Describe Columbia's Descent (2/1/03)
NASA Administrator Sean O'Keefe (2/1/03)
Columbia Takes Off (2/1/03)
Possible Body Part Found in Texas (2/1/03)
Columbia Disintegrates Over Texas (2/1/03)
Debris Strikes Left Shuttle Wing on Takeoff (2/1/03)
Bush on Columbia Tragedy (2/1/03)

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