Edwards Talks About International Effort in Iraq
Tuesday, Oct. 5, 2004; 11:14 PM

Vice President Dick Cheney, and Democratic challenger Sen. John Edwards debated in Cleveland on Tuesday.

Cheney Answers Question on Connection Between Al Qaeda and Saddam Hussein

Sen. Edwards Addresses the Issue of the Wrong War at the Wrong Time

Cheney Addresses the Issue of Capturing Bin Laden

Edwards Answers the Global Test Question

Candidates Address Question: Is it Dangerous if Kerry is Elected?

Edwards Talks About International Effort in Iraq

Edwards Talks About Intelligence Report

Cheney Talks About Sanctions in Iran

Edwards Addresses the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict

Cheney Talks About the Job Rate

Edwards Talks About Taxes and the Deficit

Cheney Addresses the Gay Marriage Issue

Cheney and Malpractice Lawsuits

Edwards Talks About Trial Lawyers

Cheney Answers Question About AIDS

Edwards Talks About His Experience in Politics

How the Canidates Are Different

Edwards Talks About Flip-Flopping

How Cheney Plans to Deal With Bipartisanship if Elected

Edwards' Closing Statement

Cheney's Closing Statement

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