President Bush, Explain Why You Have Not Vetoed any Spending Bills?
Friday, Oct. 8, 2004

President Bush and Sen. John F. Kerry debated Friday night in a potentially crucial debate in St. Louis, Mo.

The nationally televised encounter at Washington University, started at 9 p.m. Eastern time. Candidates took questions from voters in the audience with no restrictions on topics.

Links Below take you directly to the point in the video of the question listed:

Question: Sen. Kerry are You wishy-washy?

President Bush, was the Iraq invasion justified?

Sen. Kerry, would you proceed with the same Iraq plan as President Bush?

President Bush, what is your plan to repair U.S. relationships with other countries?

Sen. Kerry, What Would You do on Iran's Nuclear Weapons Program?

President Bush, How Will You Maintain Troop Strength Abroad Without a Draft?

Sen. Kerry, What Will You Do to Keep America Safe?

President Bush, Why Did You Block Prescription Drugs from Canada?

Sen. Kerry, Explain Why You Chose a Trial Lawyer as Your Running Mate?

President Bush, Explain Why You Have Not Vetoed any Spending Bills?

Sen. Kerry, Would You Look in the Camera and Say You Would Not Raise Taxes?

President Bush, How Would You Rate Yourself as an Environmentalist?

Sen. Kerry, How Can America be Competitive in the World Economy?

President Bush, What Are the Justifications for the Patriot Act?

Sen. Kerry, Wouldn't it be Wise to use Stem Cells Obtained Without the Destruction of an Embryo?

President Bush, What Would You do if There Were a Vacancy in the Supreme Court?

Sen. Kerry, What Would You Say to a Voter That Does Not Want His or Her Tax Dollars Spent to Support Abortion?

President Bush, Can You Give Three Examples of a Wrong Decision and How You Corrected Each?

Sen. Kerry's Closing Statement

President Bush's Closing Statement

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