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Sen. Kerry's Closing Statement
Wednesday, Oct. 13, 2004; 11:10 PM

President George W. Bush and Sen. John F. Kerry clashed over jobs, taxes and the war in Iraq in their third debate in Tempe, Ariz., Wednesday night.

Links below take you directly to the point in the video of the question listed:

Question: Sen. Kerry, Will Our Children Live in a World as Safe as the One in Which We Grew Up?

President Bush, How Did We Find Ourselves With a Severe Shortage of Flu Vaccines?

Sen. Kerry, How Will You Fund Programs Without Raising Taxes or Running the Country Into Deeper Debt?

President Bush, What Do You Say to Someone in the U.S. Who Has Lost His Job to Someone Overseas?

Sen. Kerry, Is It Fair to Blame the Administration Entirely for Loss of Jobs?

President Bush, Do You Believe Homosexuality Is a Choice?

Sen. Kerry on the Catholic Church, Abortion, and Stem-Cell Research.

President Bush, Who is Responsible for the Rise in Health Care Costs?

Senator Kerry, Who is Responsible for the Rise in Health Care Costs?

President Bush, Where Do You Get the Money to Fix Social Security?

Sen. Kerry, Where Do You Get the Money to Fix Social Security?

President Bush, What Will You Do About Illegal Immigration?

Sen. Kerry, Is It Time to Raise the Minimum Wage?

President Bush, Would You Like to Overturn Roe V. Wade?

Sen. Kerry, How Do You Relieve the Strain on Our Troops Without a Draft?

President Bush, Why Did You Not Encourage Congress to Extend the Assault Weapons Ban?

Sen. Kerry, Do You Still See a Need for Affirmative Action Programs?

President Bush, What Part Does Faith Play on Your Policy Decisions?

Sen. Kerry, Would You Set a Priority in Trying to Bring the Nation Back Together?

President Bush, What Is the Most Important Thing You've Learned From Your Wife and Daughters

Sen. Kerry's Closing Statement

President Bush's Closing Statement

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