Sights and Sounds of Election 2000
Friday, November 10, 2000

Audio and Photos tell the story from Election day through Thursday.
Reporters recap election day events.
Charles Robb discusses his loss to George Allen. Allen talks about his win.
Hillary Rodham Clinton comments on her Senate win in New York.
The Washington post's Mike Allen talks about the scene in Austin, Texas, Tuesday night.
Al Gore's Campaign Chairman William Daley talks to the crowd gathered in Nashville, Tenn,.
Vice President Al Gore urges voters to adhere to the constitution.
George W. Bush's Campaign Chairman Don Evans speaks.
Gov. George W. Bush says he is confident his lead in Florida will hold up.
Daley and Evans discuss the process of recounting FLorida votes.
Protestors in Florida demand a revote.

Audio: AP, Photos: AP, AFP, Reuters, The Washington Post

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