Oil in Iraq: The Morning After
Monday, May 19, 2003; 8:00 AM

There is little doubt among analysts and observers that oil - Iraq's most important national resource - will play a vital role in rebuilding the country. On May 22, the U.N. Security Council voted 14-0 to grant the United States and Britain broad authority over the Iraqi oil industry. But it remains to be seen exactly how the U.S. will administer the industry, what role Iraqis will play and who will ultimately control the world's second largest petroleum reserves and potentially billions of dollars in contracts.

Running time: 6:50

Reporter: Jeffrey Marcus / washingtonpost.com
Videographer and Editor: John Poole / washingtonpost.com
Music by John Poole for washingtonpost.com
Still photos from The Washington Post, Getty Images and AP.

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