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World Trade Center Towers 1 & 2 (L-Z)
Emergency Contacts

Following are the businesses that had offices in the two 110-story towers of the World Trade Center that collapsed after terrorist attacks on September 11, 2001. Emergency contact information to obtain the status of company employees is listed where available.

Information for business and commerce purposes is also available for the World Trade Center firms.

Towers 1 & 2 (A-K) | Towers 1 & 2 (L-Z)

Company Industry Contact
Landmark Education Corporation Government/Schools
Lava Trading, LLC     NA
Leeds & Morrelli Attorneys  NA
Lehman Brothers     888-534-6268, Hotline,
LG Insurance Company      NA
LG Securities America, Inc. Investments  NA
Lief International USA Manufacturing  NA
LoCurto & Funk, Inc. Investments  NA
John W. Loofbourrow Associates, Inc Investments  NA
MANAA Trading Group, Inc. Investments  NA
Mancini Duffy Architects    NA
Marsh USA, Inc. Insurance Agencies    888-374-6377;
212-345-6000 (emergencies),
Martin Progressive LLC Computer Services  203-791-2090,
May Davis Group Investments  NA
John J. McMullen Associates, Inc. Engineers  NA
Mechanical Floor   NA
Meganet Management Consultants, Inc Computer Services  NA
Meridian Ventures Holding, Inc.   NA
Metropolitan Life Insurance Co. Insurance Agencies  NA
MIS Service Co.   NA
MLU Investment   NA
Morgan Stanley Investments    888-883-4391
Mutual International Forwarding Transportation/Utilities  NA
National Development & Research Institute Research
Natural Nydegger Transport Corp. Transportation/Utilities  718-656-7270
Jamaica, NY, office
Network Plus Telecommunication
New Continental Enterprises Transportation/Utilities  NA
New-ey International Corp. Business Services  NA
New York Stock Exchange, Inc.     NA
NFA/GGG, Inc.   NA
Nichols Foundation, Inc. Government/Schools  NA
Nikko Securities Banks/Financial Institutions  NA
The Nishi-Nippon Bank, Ltd. Banks/Financial Institutions  NA
Noga Commodities Overseas, Inc. Investments  NA
NY Coffee Station   NA
N.Y. Institute of Finance Business Consultants  NA
NY Metro Transportation Council Government/Schools    NA
N.Y. Shipping Association Transportation/Utilities    NA
N.Y. Society of Security Analysts Government/Schools
NY State Department of Taxation & Finance Government/Schools  NA
Okasan International (American) Inc. Investments  NA
Okato Shoji Company, Ltd. Computer Services  NA
Olympia Airport Express     NA
Oppenheimer Funds, Inc. Investments    NA
Orient International   NA
Overseas Union Bank, Ltd. Banks/Financial Institutions  NA
Pace University Government/Schools  877-825-8664,
Pacific American Co. Wholesalers  NA
Pacrim Trading & Shipping, Inc. Transportation/Utilities    NA
Paging Network of New York Telecommunication  NA
Patinka International (USA) Inc. Business Services  NA
PASS Consulting Group
Pines Investment, Inc.   NA
Porcella Vicini & Co. Transportation/Utilities  NA
Port Authority of New York & New Jersey Government/Schools    Family/staff only:
5506 or 5507,
Primarch Decision Economics Business Consultants  NA
Professional Assistance & Consulting Business Consultants  NA
Prospect International, Inc.   NA
Pure Energy Corp. Wholesalers    949-888-8560 (Calif. Headquarters),
P. Wolfe Consultants Business Consultants  800-540-7024 (Hotline),
Quint Amasis, L.L.C. Business Services  NA
R.H. Wrightson & Associates, Inc. Investments  NA
Rachel & Associates, Inc. Manufacturing  NA
James T. Ratner, Law Office of Attorneys  NA
Regional Alliance Small Contractors Construction  609-392-5600;
Regus Business Centres Employment Agencies  NA
RGL Gallagher PC Accountants  NA
RLI Insurance Company Insurance Agencies
Rohde & Liesenfeld, Inc. Transportation/Utilities
Law Offices of Roman V. Popik Attorneys  NA
Royal Thai Embassy Office Government/Schools
Sandler O'Neill & Partners Investments  NA
San-In Godo Bank Ltd. Banks/Financial Institutions  NA
Sassoons Inc.   NA
SCOR U.S. Corporation Insurance Agencies    NA
The SCPIE Companies   800-962-5549
Seabury & Smith Insurance Agencies  NA
Securant Technologies Computer Services  NA
Security Traders Association, Inc. Organizations
Serko & Simon Attorneys,
Shizuoka Bank Ltd. Banks/Financial Institutions  NA
Showtime Pictures Business Services    NA
Sidley Austin, Brown & Wood, L.L.P. Attorneys  212-906-2000,
Sinochem American Holdings, Inc. Investments  NA
Sinolion (USA)   NA
Sinopec USA, Inc. Wholesalers  NA
Sitailong International USA, Inc.   NA
SMW Trading Corp. Investments  NA
Strategic Communications, Inc. Telecommunication   
Strawberry Retailers  NA
Streamline Capital, LLC   NA
Suggested Open Systems, Inc. Computer Services  NA
Sun Microsystems, Inc. Computer Services    NA
Suntendy America, Inc. Wholesalers  NA
T&T Enterprises International Inc Miscellaneous  NA
Tai Fook Securities Investments  NA
Taipei Bank Banks/Financial Institutions  NA
TD Waterhouse Group, Inc. Investments  NA
Thacher, Proffitt & Wood Attorneys
Temenos USA, Inc. Wholesalers    e-mail:,
Tes USA, Inc. Investments  NA
Thai Farmers Bank Banks/Financial Institutions  NA
Thermo Electron   NA
ThinkPath Employment Agencies  646-734-5774
Dr. Tadasu Tokumaru, M.D. Doctors  NA
Tower Computer Service Retailers  NA
Traders Access Center Investments  NA
Trading Technologies, Inc. Software 847-424-8844, Chicago headquarters,
Turner Construction Company Construction  NA
Unicom Capital Advisors LLP Investments    NA
Union Bank of California International Banks/Financial Institutions  NA
Unistrat Corporation of America Business Consultants  NA
United Hercules Inc. Travel Agencies/Tours    NA
United Seamen's Service AMMLA Social Services  NA
Verizon Communications Telecommunication  NA
Wai Gao Qiao USA, Inc. Business Consultants  NA
Wall Street Planning Association   NA
The Washington Group   609-720-3050
Washington Mutual, Inc.   NA
Waterfront Commission of New York Harbor Government/Schools  NA
Weatherly Securities Corp. Investments  NA
Weiland International Investments  NA
The Williams Capital Group   NA
Windows on the World Retailers  877-226-5170, Hotline,
W.J. Export-Import, Inc. Wholesalers  NA
World Trade Centers Association Organizations   
World Trade Club   NA
World Trade Institute   NA
World Travel Travel Agencies/Tours  NA
Xcel Federal Credit Union Banks/Financial Institutions  800-284-8663,
Xerox Document Company Manufacturing  NA
Yong Ren America, Inc.   NA
Zim-American Israeli Shipping Co. Transportation/Utilities  866-863-0852
Richard A. Zimmerman, Esq. Attorneys  NA

Tower 1 & 2 (A-K) | Tower 1 & 2 (L-Z)

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