Timeline: 9/11 Commission
The independent, bipartisan National Commission on Terrorist Attacks Upon the United States was established by Congress in 2002 to investigate the events of and circumstances surrounding the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks. The panel heard from members of the Clinton and Bush administrations, New York City emergency personnel and victims' families. Read transcripts of select public hearings, staff statements summarizing the commission's findings and Washington Post coverage below. (Sources: Statements: 9/11 Commission; Transcripts: FDCH/E-Media Inc.)

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The 9/11 Plot
June 16
Staff Statement: Overview of the Enemy
Staff Statement: Outline of 9/11 Plot
Staff Statement: Improvising a Homeland Defense
Post Story: 9/11 Report Cites Lack of Preparation
Post Story: Al Qaeda Scaled Back 10-Plane Plot

Emergency Response
May 18
Staff Statement: Preparedness and Response
Staff Statement: Crisis Management
Post Story: Giuliani Solely Blames Terrorists

Reforming Intelligence Collection
April 14
Transcript: Mueller and Others
Transcript: Tenet and McLaughlin
Staff Statement: Intelligence Community
Staff Statement: Reforming Law Enforcement
Post Story: Al Qaeda Unchecked for Years

Law Enforcement and the Intelligence Community
April 13
Transcript: Freeh, Reno, Ashcroft and Others
Staff Statement: Law Enforcement
Staff Statement: Threats and Responses in 2001
Post Story: Ashcroft's Efforts Criticized

Condoleezza Rice Testimony
April 8
Transcript: Rice Testimony
Post Story: Rice Defends Efforts

Intelligence Policy
March 24
Transcript: Tenet, Berger, Clarke, Armitage
Staff Statement: Intelligence Policy
Staff Statement: National Policy Coordination
Post Story: Ex-Aide Recounts Terror Warnings

National Counterterrorism
March 23
Transcript: Albright, Powell, Rumsfeld and Others
Staff Statement: Diplomacy
Staff Statement: The Military
Post Story: 9/11 Panel Critical of Clinton, Bush

Aviation Security
January 27
Staff Statement: Aviation Security System
Staff Statement: The Four Flights

Borders, Transportation and Managing Risk
January 26
Staff Statement: Entry of 9/11 Hijackers into US
Staff Statement: Three 9/11 Hijackers

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