Key Cases
The 1996-97 Term

The Supreme Court took on a number of emotional and politically charged issues during the term that ended in June 1997, handing down 80 signed opinions with implications that are still making headlines and stirring debate. The pages linked below take an in-depth look at the major cases of the 1996-97 term, including summaries and the full text of each key decision, the justices' votes and background from The Post's archives:

Physician-Assisted Suicide:
 Unanimous Decision Leaves Doctors in a Gray Zone

Internet Indecency:
 Court Rejects Curbs on Online Speech

Gun Control:
 Court Nixes Part of Brady Law

Religious Freedom:
 Court Overturns Law Protecting Religion From Government Interference

Church and State:
 Public School Teachers Allowed to Tutor in Parochial Schools

Line-Item Veto:
 Measure Gets Go-Ahead -- For Now

Sexual Predator Laws:
 States Get Leeway in Confining Sex Offenders

Death Row Appeals:
 Court Limits Prisoners' Ability to Challenge Sentences

Race and Redistricting:
 Georgia Congressional District Upheld

Presidential Immunity:
 Justices Allow Paula Jones Lawsuit to Proceed

Police Brutality:
 Ruling on Municipal Liability Could Curb Civil Rights Suits

Drug Testing:
 Court Strikes Down Mandatory Screening for Political Candidates

Ballot Fusion Laws:
 States May Limit Candidates to One Party Line

Cable Television:
 Systems Can Be Forced to Carry Local Broadcast Stations

Parental Rights:
 States May Not Refuse Appeals Because Parents Cannot Pay Court Fees

Abortion Protests:
 Court Backs Buffer Zone at Clinics

Employer Retaliation:
 Court Protects Former Employees in Job Discrimination Cases

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