Key Cases
The 1997-98 Term

Affirmative action was set to dominate the court's agenda during the 1997-98 term, but the justices refused to hear one case, and another was involved settled out of court. Instead, sexual harassment became the most visible issue on the docket. The pages linked below take an in-depth look at the major cases of the 1997-98 term, including summaries and the full text of each key decision, the justices' votes and background from The Post's archives:

Sexual Harassment
Quid Pro Quo Sexual Harassment
Hostile Environment Sexual

Sexual Harassment Liability
Same-Sex Harassment

Civil Rights
Americans With Disabilities Act
Decency Standards
Pardons and Civil Rights Restoration
Affirmative Action
Legitimacy and Citizenship
Race Discrimination
First Amendment Rights
Due Process
Right to Lie

Criminal Law
Louisiana Murder Case
Death Penalty

Line-Item Veto
Campaign Contributions
Political Debate
Congressional Primaries

Attorney-Client Privilege
Police Searches
Arrest Warrants
Expert Testimony
Polygraph Tests
The Environment

Copyright Infringement
FCC Jurisdiction
Labor Unions
Product Liability

The States
Ellis Island

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