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    The Germs of War
    (Dec. 1998 Edition)

    Fish Story
    (Nov. 1998 Edition)

    Suited for Space
    (Oct. 1998 Edition)

    The Day the Sea Stood Still
    (Sept. 1998 Edition)

    Movie Myth vs. Reality
    (Aug. 1998 Edition)

    (Horizon was not published in July 1998)

    Microbes Are Immortal, So Why Aren't Humans?
    (June 1998 Edition)

    Exploring Islam
    (May 1998 Edition)

    Our Local Geology Tells Tales of Ancient Cataclysms
    (April 1998 Edition)

    Shaping Law Over Five Millennia
    (March 1998 Edition)

    The Post's New Presses: Read All About It
    (February 1998 Edition)

    How Tall Is Mount Everest?
    (January 1998)

    How the Cradle of Liberty Became a Slave-Owning Nation
    (December 1997)

    HOT STUFF? A Down-to-Earth Guide to Global Warming
    (November 1997)

    How Chuck Yeager Broke the Myth of a 'Sound Barrier'
    (October 1997)

    But Seriously, Folks ... What Is Laughter? Why Do We Do It?
    (September 1997)

    You Say 'Star Trek' Needs a Science Adviser?
    (August 1997)

    Weird Life on the Ocean Floor
    (July 1997)

    The Bizarre World of Plant Sex
    (June 1997)

    Tobacco: The Noxious Weed That Built a Nation
    (May 1997)

    Project Tulip: The Final Installment
    (April 1997)

    Ancient Cahokia: Metropolitan Life on the Mississippi
    (March 1997)

    Hale-Bopp or Pale Flop?
    (February 1997)

    Changing the Face of Latin America
    (January 1997)

    Sounds of the Symphony
    (December 1996)

    Planet of the Bacteria
    (November 1996)

    Inside the Supreme Court
    (October 1996)

    A Hypothetical Theme Park for a Curious Mind
    (September 1996)

    Life of the Blue Crab
    (August 1996)

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