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The Day the Sea Stood Still
  Mount St. Helens
It may have been the blast that changed the world. One day in the Caribbean Sea, at the end of the Paleocene epoch 55 million years ago, a volcano blew, spewing a parasol of tiny particles high into the atmosphere. Such events are hardly rare. But this was no ordinary volcano: It was huge. (Geophoto Publishing Co.)

Two Views of the Universe
Galileo advocated that the sun was at the center of the universe, a theory that incurred the wrath of Pope Urban VIII. The Roman Catholic Church dictated that Earth was the center of the universe. (Image Select/Art Resource, NY)

Fate ... or Blind Chance?
Strange episodes have happened to all of us, and it's common to hear the words, "It couldn't be just coincidence." Today, the explanation many people reach for involves mental telepathy or psychic stirrings. But should we leap into the arms of a mystic realm? Could such events result from coincidence?
Lincoln and Kennedy
What did these two men have in common? (Photo by Patterson Clark — The Post)

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