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Abortion Foes' Internet Site on Trial
(Friday, January 15, 1999)

Car of Missing Antiabortion Activist Found
(Thursday, December 24, 1998)

FBI Seeks Man in Buffalo Sniper Case
(November 5, 1998)

Buffalo Doctor Had Long Been Protest Target
(Monday, October 26, 1998)

Sniper Kills Abortion Doctor Near Buffalo
(Sunday, October 25, 1998)

Blast at Alabama Abortion Clinic Kills a Policeman, Injures Nurse
(Friday, January 30, 1998)

Abortion Doctor Thanked Clinton at Coffee
(Tuesday, April 1, 1997)

Blasts Rock Atlanta Abortion Clinic
(Friday, January 17, 1997)

Salvi Is Convicted of Murder in Abortion Clinic Shootings
(Tuesday, March 19, 1996)

Clinic Killings Follow Years of Antiabortion Violence
(Tuesday, January 17, 1995)

The Line Between Persuasion and Terror
(Friday, January 6, 1995)

Two Killed at Clinic in Florida
(Saturday, July 30, 1994)

Turning From 'Weapon of the Spirit' to the Shotgun
(Sunday, August 7, 1994)

Antiabortion Extremist Indicted in Attacks on Clinics in West
(Tuesday, October 25, 1994)

Canada Abortion Doctor Shot at Home by Sniper
(Wednesday, November 9, 1994)

Gunman Kills 2, Wounds 5 in Attack on Abortion Clinics
(Saturday, December 31, 1994)

Doctor Killed During Abortion Protest
(Thursday, March 11, 1993)

Violence Hardly Ruffled Protest Ritual
(Sunday, August 22, 1993)

Abortion Doctor Shot by Woman During Protest at Kansas Clinic
(Friday, August 20, 1993)

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