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Clinton Reelected By Wide Margin
Clinton and Gore Waving Outside
State House in Little Rock
President Clinton and Vice President Gore wave to supporters outside Arkansas State House in Little Rock

President Clinton capped a remarkable personal comeback to become the first Democrat since Franklin D. Roosevelt to win reelection, boosted to a landslide electoral-vote victory by the healthy economy that he had made his top priority. Clinton carried 31 states and the District of Columbia for 379 electoral votes, while Republican Robert J. Dole won 19 states and 159 electoral votes. Full Story

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U.S. House Results
Republicans lost nine members in the House, but retained a healthy majority.

U.S. Senate Results
The GOP added two seats to their Senate majority.

Ballots Questions
California voters moved to dismantle state affirmative action programs, and Arizona and California legalized marijuana use for medical purposes.

Read complete D.C., Maryland and Virginia election results.

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