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In Miami Beach

1. About May 12-July 14: Cunanan stayed at the Normandy Plaza hotel. He registered under an alias and used a French passport.

2. July 7: At Cash on the Beach, Cunanan, using his real name, pawned a 18-carat gold coin stolen from Lee Miglin, who was shot in Chicago.

3. July 11: An employee of Miami Subs called 911, saying Cunanan had been in the shop.

4. July 15: Gianni Versace, 50, was shot to death outside his Ocean Drive mansion.

5. July 15: One of the victims, William Reese, had a pickup that was found in a nearby parking garage, where it had been since June 10, according to the parking receipt. Cunanan's passport and some of Miglin's belongings were inside; the truck bore the missing South Carolina plate.

6. July 23: Cunanan shot himself in the head on the second floor of a houseboat that belongs to Torsten Reneck. He used the same gun that killed Versace.

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