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Official Resources for Federal Workers

  • The Plum Book: The book of "Policy and Supporting Positions" catalogues all the jobs that the White House can fill outside civil service rules.

  • Locality Pay Tables: The U.S. Office of Personnel Management offers the 1998 locality pay tables, including those for the Washington and Baltimore area.

  • Per Diem Rates: The 1998 chart from the General Services Administration, organized by state.

  • Federal Holidays: The official list.

  • Metropolitan Area Reemployment Project : A joint effort between Maryland, Virginia, D.C. and OPM to help displaced federal workers in the Washington, D.C. metropolitan area.

  • RIF Guide: The official "Reduction In Force Benefits Guide."

  • Survival Guide: A guide by federal workers for surviving in an era of downsizing.

  • Job Center: The U.S. government's official site for jobs and employment information. Hosted by the Office of Personnel Management.

  • Retirement: The Civil Service Retirement System and the Federal Employees Retirement System.

  • Training Mall: FedWorld's central training center to allow U.S. government workers to identify and register for instruction on-line.

  • OPM: Index of everything available at the Office of Personnel Management Web site.

Commercial & Nonprofit Resources

  • AFGE: The AFL-CIO American Federation of Government Employees, a large labor union.

  • Public Employees Roundtable: An educational coalition of more than 30 groups representing public employees and retirees.

  • NARFE: The National Association of Retired Federal Employees.

  • National Treasury Employees Union: An independent federal-sector labor union.

  • Club Fed: The electronic edition of the Federal Employees News Digest.

  • Government Executive Magazine: A monthly business magazine serving senior executives and managers in the federal government.

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