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Enterprise Development Staff Home Page
GSA Finance Phone Numbers
Welcome to GSA Region 2
The Five Points Site
Northeast and Caribbean Region
Caucus Introduction Page
Office of Governmentwide Policy
Legislative Links
Virtual Library
GSA's Electronic Commerce Program Management Office
Committee Management Secretariat
Committee Management
Regulatory Information Service Center
Real Property
Real Property Information Clearinghouse
Governmentwide Real Property Policy
Office Of Real Property Policy
Office of Real Property
Aircraft Management Policy Division
Travel and Transportation Management Policy
Federal Vehicle Policy Division
Office of Transportation and Personal Property
Aircraft Management Policy Legislation
Office of Acquisition Policy
Governmentwide Policy Organization
Governmentwide Policy
Policy Works Site Map
Policy Works Topic Index
Office of Governmentwide Policy Calendar
Policy Works Home Pages Index list of key issues
Welcome to Learning Central
Governmentwide Policy Organization & References
Governmentwide Policy Regulations and Policies
Policyworks Virtual Communities
Concept Development Record
Commerce, Internet, Electronic Mail Access Acq.
Superceded Draft RFPs
Currently Available GSA Reports
International Direct Distance Dialing
Federal Wireless Telecommunications Services
FSS Customer Assistance
Current Charge Card Programs
Nxt Gen. of Travel, Purchase & Fleet Charge Cards
Mid- Atlantic Region
Program Services Division
Federal Supply Service Mid- Atlantic Homepage
Telecommunications Division
Mid- Atlantic Telecommuting Home Page
Technical Services Program
GSA Forecast of Contracting Opportunities
Art- in- Architecture Installations
Fine Arts Collection
Historic Federal Buildings
Acquisition Best Practices
Electronic Commerce Program Management Office
Office of the Chief Financial Officer, Greater Southwest
About the GSA Finance Web Server
Office of Financial Management Systems (FMIS)
Office of Financial Management
Accountability Report
The Chief Financial Officer
Internal GSA Searches
Index of /reports/
Federal Supply Service
Transportation Audits
Micro Computers, Peripherals & Software
Electronic Data Interchange (EDI)
Fleet Management Services
Personal Property Services
Transportation Services
Welcome to GSA
Center on Information Technology Accommodation
Managing Information Resources for Accessibility
GSA's Business/Finance Information Page
GSA Main Home Page
Equal Employment Opportunity
Subparts Of 29 CFR Part 1614
Equal Employment Opportunity Home Page
Discrimination and EEO in the Federal Workplace
Nationwide List of GSA's EEO Officers
Basis of EEO Discrimination
EEO Complaint Process for the Federal Employee
Alternative Dispute Resolution Program
What is EEO for Federal Workers?
Center for Information Technology Implementation
Federal Information Center (FIC)
Federal Information Relay Service (FIRS)
U.S. Government TTY/TDD Directory
Federal Acquisition Services for Technology
Federal Computer Acquisition Center
Federal Information
Fin. Implementation Team for Electronic Commerce
Issues in EC FINANCE
FITEC Team Page
Internet In The Workplace Seminars
Forms Service
Federal Security Infrastructure Program
Government Electronic Mall
About GSA Organizations
Select GSA Publications
Information Technology Service
FTS Office of Information Security
GSA Interagency Training Center
Office of Information Technology Integration
Federal Systems Integration and Management Center
FTS Metropolitan Area Acquisition
Overview of the Public Buildings Service
About the CAD Center
Benefits of CIFM
Business Lines Use of CIFM
CAD 2000 Report
CAD/CIFM Demonstration Program
Keeping in Touch September
Keeping in Touch October
Computer Integrated Facilities Management
PBS CAD Center
How to use the demonstration
How is the work being done?
PBS CAD Center Functions
Business Line Needs
Additional Information Sources
What is it about?
When are the key events?
Where is the work being done?
Who is involved?
CAD 2000 Task Force
PBS CAD Center
Why is this program important?
Tangible benefits
Intangible benefits
Life Cycle Management
PRESS RELEASE! - Report on Federal Buildings Vulnerability
Coping with Threats and Violence in the Workplace
Reported Incidents in Federal Buildings
A Crime Free Workplace Begins With You
Security Guidelines for Government Employees
Heartland Region
Office of Business Development
PBS Commissioner, Robert A. Peck
A Cultural Transformation at GSA: Marketing from the Ground Up
National Account Executive Program
An Overview of US GSA Public Building Services
Washington Post article
Can't Beat GSA Leasing Initiative,
PBS Home Page
PBS Organization
Five- Year Courthouse Plan
Building Programs
Border Stations
Proposed Courthouse Locations
Courthouse Management Group
Federal Courthouses
GSA Design Award Winners
Design and Construction Delivery Process
Design and Construction
Design Excellence Program
Stage II:Final Selection
Program Goals and Features
PBS Review
State I:Selecting the Short List
What It Is
Partnering in Federal Design & Construction
Value Engineering
Implementing Value Engineering
Locating Opportunities
What PBS Wants in Value Engineering Consultants
What Is Value Engineering?
Let Us Know
Office of Property Development
Proposed Fiscal Year 1997 Capital Projects
Congressional Project Approval as of 12- 19- 95
New Projects and Activities
WWII Memorial Design Competition
Central Office
Property Development Regional Offices
Child Care Center Design GuidePBS- PQ- 140
Value Engineering Program Guide for Design & Construction PBS- PQ- 250
Metric Design Guide PBS- PQ- 260
PBS Facility Standards PBS- PQ- 100.1
Standard Level Features and Finishes for U.S. Court Facilities
Technical Standards
How We Advertise
Can't Beat GSA Leasing.
Agencies with Lease Delegation Authority.
Executive Orders
Summary of Executive Orders
Locating Federal Facilities on Historic Properties in Our Nation's Cities
Empowerment Contracting
Federal Agency Representatives.
Federal Statutes
Federal Statutes Applicable to the GSA Leasing Program
Federal Space Process
Assistant Commissioner - Hilary W. Peoples
Integrated Occupancy Services Brochure
Our Mission and Vision
Market Leasing Process
National Real Estate Services Solicitation.
Current Space Availability
How We Are Organized
Overview of the Property Acquisition Realty Services Ofc.
Office of Property Acquisition and Realty Services
Telephone Directory
Building Owners or Authorized Agents.
Real Estate Planning
Regional Offices
Space Design
Current Space Needs
Special Consulting
Solicitation Provisions
General Clauses (Short Form)
Representation and Certifications (Short Form)
U.S. Government Lease for Real Property (Short Form)
Representations and Certifications
General Clauses
Lessor's Annual Cost Statement
U.S Government Lease for Real Property
Proposal to Lease Space
Standard Clauses and Provisions
Real Property Advertisements
Office of the Controller
Office of the Property Manager
About Property Disposal
How You Can Acquire Federal Real Property
A Few Words of Caution
For Information
Property for Public Use
Sales to the Public
What Kind of Property Is Available?
Brian K. Polly, Assistant Commissioner
Workshops, Meetings, Conferences...
Who to Contact
Sales by Region
Sales by State
Government Owned Real Estate
Other Agencies Disposing of Property
Correctional Facility Use
Health or Educational Use
Historic Monuments
Homeless Assistance
Negotiated Sales To Public Agencies Without Use Restrictions
Other Specfic Uses
Port Facilities
Public Park and Public Recreational Areas
Public Airports
Wildlife Conservation
Program Overview
Property Disposal
Properties for Sale
Region 1 Services
Region 4 Services
Region 7 Services
Region 9 Services
NEPA Call- In
National Portfolio Manager
GSA Public Buildings Service Portfolio Manager
Planning and Investment Division
Portfolio Analysis and Performance Division
Cultural and Environmental Affairs
Office of Workplace Initiatives
PBS Services
Reproduction and FormsServices
GSA's Property Information
Contracting Opportunities with GSA, April 1997
Architect/Engineer Selection Process
Doing Business with GSA
General Services Administration Regions
Greater Southwest Region - About GSA's Federal Telecommunications Services
Greater Southwest Region - ADP Services
Greater Southwest Region- Contracts
Federal Telecommunications & Information Technology Services
Greater Southwest Region - Telecommunications Services
Welcome to General Services Administration (GSA)Public Buildings Services (PBS) Homepage
Property Acquisition & Realty Services Division
Office of Enterprise Development, Greater Southwest Region
Office of Enterprise Development
Great Lakes FSS
Great Lakes FTS
Great Lakes ITS
Great Lakes PBS
Pacific Rim Region (Index Page)
Region 9 FTS Home Page
GSA Pacific Rim Region Homepage
BALV Program Web Site
GSA Greater Southwest Region
Office of Information Security
Office of Acquisition Policy
Office Of Financial Management
Office Of Budget
Office Of Finance
Office Of Financial Management Systems
Office of the Chief Financial Officer
Office of Management Services and Human Resources
Office of Management Services
Office of Personnel New Organization
GSA Training and Organizational Development Division
GSA Hispanic Home Page
Employment Officers at Headquarters
Employment Opportunities
Employment Officers by State
Employment Officers by Territory
List of all Employment Officers Nationwide
Office of Quality Management and Training
GSA Customer Service Plan : Table of Contents
Office of Enterprise Development
Office of the Inspector General
GSA: About the Office of Public Affairs
Information Sources For Businesses and Contractors
Consumer Information Center's Sights and Sounds
Consumer Information - Other Small Business Publications
Contracting Opportunities with GSA
Search for Geographic Locator Codes
Information Sources For Government Agencies
Directory of GSA Information
Ordering GSA Print Sources
Public Affairs Homepage
Information Sources For The Public
GSA Small Purchases Guide
GSA Administrator &Staff Office Information
Procurement Curriculum for Contract Specialists
Federal Acquisition Institute Training Materials
Web Server Statistics for WWW.GSA.GOV
GSA's 10 Most Popular Locations
GSA's Federal Fleet Management and Travel Information
What's new at GSA?
Federal CIO Council
Art- in- Architecture Program
WWII Memorial Design Competition
Government Contractor Resource Center
Federal Acquisition Institute Training Materials
GSA Board of Contract Appeals
Current GSBCA Decisions
Current GSBCA Rules of Procedure
Board Mission
Upcoming Auctions
IT Policy OnRamp
Virtual IT Classroom
Acquisition Effective Practices
Committees and Associations Index
IAC/IRM Federal IRM/IT Directory
Government International Directory
Chief Information Officers (CIO) Council Members
Chief Information Officers (CIO) Council
GWAC Table of Contents
Government Information Technology Services Board (GITSB)
IAC/IRM Executive Committee Member List
Other Information Technology Groups
Performance Pathways
Year 2000 Information Directory
Northwest/Arctic Region - Home
cc:Mail Web Mail Page
Consumer Information Center Main Page
Consumer Information Search Page
Consumer Information Center - Background Information
Consumer Information Center - Cars
Consumer Information Center has moved
Consumer Information Catalog - Children
Consumer Information Center Online Ordering
Consumer Information Center Media News Page
Download the Latest Consumer Information Catalog
Consumer Information Catalog - Employment/Jobs
Consumer Information Catalog - Environment
Consumer Information Catalog - Federal Programs
Consumer Information Catalog - Food & Nutrition
Consumer Information Catalog - Health
Consumer Information Catalog - Housing
Consumer Information Center Links
Consumer Information Catalog - Miscellaneous
Consumer Information Catalog - Money
Consumer Information Center's Sights and Sounds
Consumer Information Catalog - Small Business
Consumer Information Center's Special Publications
Consumer Information Catalog - Travel & Hobbies
What's New at the Consumer Information Center
Welcome to GSA/PBS Region 1 - Boston
Welcome to the Public Buildings Service
Center for Security & Technology Training
GSA Region 6 Home Page
Welcome to Fleet Management
FSS Homepage
Heartland Region - Property Management Branch
Tools and Appliances Commodity Center
GSA Transportation Management
About Kansas City
Heartland Region Services
Federal Telecommunications Service
OneLink Homepage
GSA Heartland Region Telecom Services
Business lines
FPS home page
GSA Missing Child Notice Program
Public Buildings Service
GSA Heartland Region - Public Buildings Service
GSA Heartland Region - Office of Property Development
Chase Plaza Telecommuting Center
GSA Foundation Information for Real Property Management

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