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    Armey: 'Newt Belongs in the Speaker's Chair'

    Thursday, July 17, 1997

    Written statement issued July 16 by Majority Leader Dick Armey (R-Texas) responding to news reports about a power struggle within the House Republican leadership:

    Any and all allegations that I was involved in some ridiculous plot to oust the speaker are completely false, and , in fact, ludicrous. Look where we are right now. Republicans are on the verge of balancing the budget, cutting taxes and saving Medicare from bankruptcy because we've worked as a solid leadership team under Newt's direction. No one in the leadership is stupid enough to derail this effort just as we are on the brink of historical accomplishments that bring enormous credit to our party. Newt belongs in the speaker's chair, now and for years to come, leading this party and this nation toward a future of smaller government, less dependency, greater freedom and more personal responsibility.

    As I've said repeatedly, I'd much rather manage occasional discontent along the bumpy road toward smaller government than return to the days of a smooth ride down a four-lane highway to socialism.

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