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Assembled by WashingtonPost.com staffers Ben Abramson and Sascha Segan

To participate, type your responses into the form below. When you have finished each question to your satisfaction, click on the "submit form" button and your score will be automatically calculated. Good luck.

(Editor's note: For answers in which presidents may have the same last name, you must type a first name.)

What president began the practice of giving an inaugural address?

Who was the first president to take the oath of office in the Capitol Rotunda?

At what president's inauguration did Robert Frost read one of his poems?

What president took the oath of office aboard Air Force One?

Who was the first president whose inauguration was televised?

Who was the first president to ride in an automobile to his inauguration?

Who was the first president to take the oath of office on the terrace on the West Front of the Capitol?

What president was inaugurated by the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court in the East Room of the White House?

What president was inaugurated more than a month later than the March deadline, on April 30, in New York City?

What amendment to the Constitution established January 20th as Inauguration Day?

Who was the first president to be inaugurated on January 20th?

What president began the tradition of the Washington inaugural ball?

What future president, a member of the inaugural ball committee for Zachary Taylor in 1849, lost his hat at Taylor's inaugural festivities?

At what president's second inauguration was the practice of the inaugural parade begun?

Who was the first First Lady to follow her husband back to the White House from the Capitol following his inauguration?

What president is widely credited for the demise of the American hat industry when he took his oath of office bare-headed?

What president was sworn in at his own home in New York City?

In which year was the constitutional amendment that limits a president to two terms in office ratified? (He may serve a total of 10 years if he takes over the unifinished term of another president.)

Who was the first president born in the 20th century to take the oath of office?

Despite hosting the inaugural festivities, residents of the District of Columbia were not allowed to vote in presidential elections for many years. For which president did Washingtonians cast their first ballots?

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