Read the text of an exclusive interview President Clinton gave to The Post.


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    A New Season of Cooperation?

      Believing that the battles concerning the role of government were settled largely in his favor during his first term, President Clinton now hopes for 'a new season of cooperation' between the White House and the Congress. Read the president's assessment of his first term, of life in the White House, and his prospects for the future from an exclusive interview with the Washington Post.

    Help Steer the Second Term

      Go ahead. Tell your president what his top domestic or foreign priority should be.

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    Clinton's unfinished business includes his aim to balance the federal budget by the year 2002, to deliver his promised tax breaks and to find long-term funding fixes for Social Security and Medicare. What do you think about these and other
    domestic policy questions?

    Clinton must cope with prickly policy issues from the Middle East to China. He must shepherd defense and foreign policy budgets through the Republican-controlled Congress and oversee a broad reassessment of U.S. military strategy in the post-Cold War era. Tell us what you think about these
    international issues.