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The Kennedy Assassination: Web Links

Rich with government documents, historical archives and conspiracy theories of all kinds, the Internet hosts volumes of information on the assassination of President John F. Kennedy. Here are links to some of the Web sites with detailed information on events surrounding the 1963 shooting in Dallas:

John F. Kennedy Assassination Records Collection
The National Archives and Records Administration Web site includes a searchable database of the assassination material open to the public as well as press releases on newly acquired and opened records.

Text of entire report from the Federation of American Scientists web site. The site provides information on various government issues. They have provided the full text of the boards document in the government secrecy area.

Fair Play Magazine
Founded in 1994, this newsletter contains various articles, excerpts and transcripts related to the assassination, plus a JFK bibliography and a listing of various organizations "working on the JFK case." It also offers annotated links to other JFK-related sites.

The Coalition on Political Assassinations
Established by the Assassination Archives and Research Center, the Citizens for Truth About the Kennedy Assassination and the Committee for an Open Archives, COPA holds an annual national conference for its members, who are "united in the belief that no lone assassin was responsible for the death of President Kennedy."

Test Your Knowledge
A trivia quiz by Glen Sample, co-author of "The Men on the Sixth Floor," a recent book based on a prison inmate's assassination claims.

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