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  Your Thoughts on JFK Jr.

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I am 33 years old – too young to personally remember either JFK's assassination or "John-John." I am grateful to the media for calling my attention to these people and the events in their lives. As I was growing up, I was kept aware of the Kennedy families' accomplishments and mistakes. Unfortunately the accomplishments were usually tinged with negativity and the mistakes were often reported with a certain amount of glee. I imagine it's human nature to want to knock someone off their pedestal, but let's not forget that that pedestal was one of our own making, not theirs. I am heavily saddened by the loss of this handsome, down to earth, gracious and dare I say human young man and his beautiful wife and sister-in-law. And, if possible, I am even more deeply saddened by the comments that in one breath seem to chastise the public for grieving over the loss of these people (whom most knew only through the media attention they endured, graciously, indulgently and patiently, I might add) and at the same time admonish us for not showing enough grief and caring about those that die every day. I believe that I can speak for most people when I say that just because I express, and maybe even indulge, my sorrow over this publicly it does not mean that I don't care about the loss of others who will never realize their full potential. I believe that you should heed your own words and direct the compassion and forgiveness that you require of us to these unfortunate people with equal fervor.

In closing, I would also like to remind every armchair NTSB official and 20/20 hind-sighted amateur pilot out there that until we know exactly why this plane crashed we have no right or justification in placing any blame. We would all be doing our great country, and the world, a favor if we spent more time looking for good than we do looking for bad. Dignity, diplomacy and graciousness are all skills that everyone should aspire to, and if an example is needed, I suggest we need look no farther than John F. Kennedy Jr.

My heart and sympathies go out to all those that feel the ache of this loss, and especially to the families and friends of these fine young people.

Jessica Cutts
Los Angeles

I regret the death of these young people, but know (as a pilot), the combination of a high performance airplane, a 100 hr pilot, visual disorientation from water-darkness and low altitude, without instrument rating, was a deadly combination.


Although I never once met JFK Jr., Carolyn or Lauren, I have cried for them all weekend. Their death is sad because regardless of how wealthy or famous they were, they were inherently good people and the fact that so many people are grieving over them is a testament of their positive affect on others. JFK Jr. could have been a lot of things but instead he chose to be a model citizen, one that so many respected and adored. I feel sad for those who are resentful of the coverage he is receiving – let him rest in peace. I'm also sad that there are so many miserable people in this world, filled with so much hate and anger. That's the difference between them and JFK Jr. Three people who were contributing positively to society, have abruptly lost their lives while there are so many out their who are worthless and hateful. We wonder why not them but that's not for us to decide. May God help in the healing of the Kennedys and the Bessettes and while He's at it, may He help all the people still living who do not fully appreciate the value of human life. Peace be with everyone.

Lee P
Washington, D.C.

I'm old enough to remember where I was the day JFK Sr. was killed. He was leader of the free world and we were involved in a "Cold War" with the Soviet Union. The media is no longer filled with journalists but instead is controlled by pencil pushers who look to ratings which translate to MONEY. We accept reporting which should be in a gossip column, not the front page of a newspaper. As for television and cable it chases after the same dollars and is full of pretty faces because that's what sells. People generally get the kind of government they ask for and the kind of news they want. This media blitz is but an example of how little people think and how much they react to feelings. It also is symptomatic of how detached people are to what's going on around them and yet they shed real tears and build floral memorials to a complete stranger. It's sick,in my opinion,to live your life as an emotional voyeur.

He was a guy who never wanted for much, except perhaps a father. Please tell me how many kids today want for the same. Except they grow up in Harlem not Park Avenue.

North Carolina

Does ANYONE ELSE remember that MIRACLES happen EVERY DAY?! Until they are found, there is ALWAYS HOPE!! JFK, Jr., Carolyn and Lauren wouldn't be the first people found alive after a lot of people had given them up for dead! REMEMBER -- With God, ALL things are possible!!!!! (Matthew 19:26; Mark 9:23; Mark 10:27; Luke 18:27) and NOTHING is too hard for GOD!!!!! (Jeremiah 32:17) [emphasis added]

Beverly Blakey
Brentwood, Md.

In a time when people seem to always make headlines for the wrong things they have done in their life, JFK Jr. always did the right thing. From all accounts, he was a caring, intelligent, level-headed man, which can probably be attributed to his mother. He was a celebrity from the moment he was born, but he never rested on it. It's a shame that his life, along with his wife's and her sister's, had to be cut short, when it is apparent they had nothing but bright futures ahead of them.

Ben Miller

John, I want you to come back, together with Carolyn and Lauren. If it's not for you, please do it for those who love you.

McLean, Va.

The son and heir are lost.....but I feel it is more the sun and air that I have lost since this deepest sympathy to Caroline and Lisa, and the rest of the Kennedy and Bessette families.

Washington, D.C.

He will be missed greatly from family and friend, no one knows there destiny that God have for us. Just try hard to please God and live his life plan for us. John John had a great heart and spirit, his mother saw to that. My prayers are with his sister and her husband, who is beside God the men that are her covering now. Stay grow and know God is on the throne. Put him first in everything. The pain will get better in days to come. God is really there and he really care just call on him and talk to him he will meet you in this lonely hour and time.

Pam Hill
Lakewood, Calif.

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