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Wen Ho Lee
Wen Ho Lee, right, is escorted by an FBI agent after being arrested, Dec. 10, 1999. (AP)

Lawyer Attacks FBI Role in Polygraph Test of Lee
Investigators tricked accused physicist Wen Ho Lee into taking a polygraph test, his lawyer said.

FBI Made Wen Ho Lee Think He Failed Polygraph (The Washington Post, Jan. 8, 2000)

U.S. Attorney Assigned to Wen Ho Lee Case Resigns (The Washington Post, Jan. 4, 2000)

Lee's Motives, Possible Damage Remain a Mystery (The Washington Post, Jan. 2, 2000)

U.S. Looks for Links Between Lee and Taiwan (The Washington Post, Dec. 31, 1999)

No Bail in Atomic Data Case (The Washington Post, Dec. 30, 1999)

Lee May Have Unwittingly Told Secrets (The Washington Post, Dec. 29, 1999)

U.S. Argues Against Bail for Physicist: Prosecutors Say Lee Cannot Account for 7 Computer Tapes (The Washington Post, Dec. 28, 1999)

Citing Missing Tapes, U.S. Fights Bail for Lee (The Washington Post, Dec. 25, 1999)

At U.S. Labs, a Residue of Anger: To Asian American Scientists, Spy Probe Furor Reflects Stereotyping (The Washington Post, Dec. 24, 1999)

FBI Agent Calls Lee Actions Deceptive: Indicted Physicist Downloaded Data At Night, Weekends (The Washington Post, Dec. 23, 1999)

Wen Ho Lee's Family: 'It's Unfair, It's an Injustice' (The Washington Post, Dec. 21, 1999)

From Coast to Coast, Fallout From a Probe: At California Lab,Tightened SecurityToo Much for Some (The Washington Post, Dec. 21, 1999)

Ex-Spy Catcher Looks for Medal, Not Scorn (The Washington Post, Dec. 20, 1999)

Jailed Nuclear Physicist To Sue U.S. Over Leaks (The Washington Post, Dec. 20, 1999)

Senate Hearings Called Off in Light of Lee Case (The Washington Post, Dec. 16, 1999)

Hill Report on Chinese Spying Faulted: Five Experts Cite Errors, 'Unwarranted' Conclusions by Cox Panel (The Washington Post, Dec. 15, 1999)

China Prefers the Sand to the Moles: Expert Says Beijing Culls Secrets Grain by Grain, Gains Less From Spies (The Washington Post, Dec. 12, 1999)

Experts Say Beijing Mines Secrets Grain by Grain (The Washington Post, Dec. 12, 1999)

Physicist Is Indicted In Nuclear Spy Probe: Wen Ho Lee Accused Of Mishandling Secrets (The Washington Post, Dec. 11, 1999)

Espionage Stir Alienating Foreign Scientists in U.S.: Critics of Distrust Fear a Brain Drain (The Washington Post, Nov. 25, 1999)

Fired Lab Scientist Can't Account for Some Disks (The Washington Post, Nov. 20, 1999)

New Leads Found in Spy Probe: Chinese Report's Errors Point Beyond Lab, Lee (The Washington Post, Nov. 19, 1999)

U.S. Near Decision on Indicting Lee in Los Alamos Case (The Washington Post, Nov. 5, 1999)

Energy Dept. Loses $35 Million for Cyber Security (The Washington Post, Sept. 29, 1999)

Los Alamos Actions May Take Months: Lab Must Follow University's Procedures (The Washington Post, Aug. 31, 1999)

Espionage Whistleblower Resigns (The Washington Post, Aug. 24, 1999)

Ex-Official: Bomb Lab Case Lacks Evidence (The Washington Post, Aug. 17, 1999)

Spy Probe Worries Chinese Americans (The Washington Post, Aug. 14, 1999)

Discipline Urged Against Los Alamos Employees (The Washington Post, Aug. 13, 1999)

Richardson Recommends Discipline for 3 in Los Alamos Case (The Washington Post, Aug. 13, 1999)

China Spy Probe Bungled, Panel Finds (The Washington Post, Aug. 6, 1999)

Atomic Lab Scientist Denies Passing Secrets (The Washington Post, Aug. 2, 1999)

Plenty of Blame to Go Around on Spying, DOE's Ex-Arms Chief Says (The Washington Post, July 15, 1999)

New FBI Spy Unit Gets Reno's Approval (The Washington Post, June 26, 1999)

FBI `Never Came Close' To Threshold in Lee Case (The Washington Post, May 29, 1999)

Reno Was `Not Briefed' On Spy Wiretap Details (The Washington Post, May 28, 1999)

Energy Official Says He Warned White House in '97 About Los Alamos (The Washington Post, May 21, 1999)

Shelby Blasts Reno: FBI Sought Search Of Lee Computer (The Washington Post, May 13, 1999)

Reno Sets Review of `Process' on China Spying Concerns (The Washington Post, May 7, 1999)

Atomic Scientist Denies He Spied, Cites Aid to FBI (The Washington Post, May 7, 1999)

GOP Senators: U.S. Bungled Probes of Atomic Spying (The Washington Post, May 6, 1999)

50 Years of Nuclear Know-How Compromised (The Washington Post, April 30, 1999)

Senators Irate At Handling Of Nuclear Spy Probe (The Washington Post, April 30, 1999)

Official Confirms Security Breach (The Washington Post, April 29, 1999)

Wrong Lee Accused (The Washington Post, April 26, 1999)

FBI Searches Home of Scientist Suspected of Spying for China (The Washington Post, April 11, 1999)

China Says U.S. Scientist Visited, but Told No Secrets (The Washington Post, March 23, 1999)

GOP Attacks' Impact on China Ties Concerns White House (The Washington Post, March 17, 1999)

CIA Probe Gets Outside Review (The Washington Post, March 16, 1999)

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