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   SUPREME COURT/Key Cases 1996-1997

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Abortion Clinic Protests:
Schenck v. Pro-Choice Network
Argued: Oct. 16, 1996 Decided: Feb. 19, 1997
Votes: 6 to 3 and 8 to 1
At Issue: Whether requiring anti-abortion protesters to keep a certain distance from a clinic is too restrictive, and whether the "no-approach zone" established outside the clinic violates the First Amendment.
Decision: The Court ruled that demonstrators can be kept away from health clinic driveways and entrances but must be allowed to approach clinic staff and patients as they walk along the public sidewalk.

Read the full text of the Schenck v. Pro-Choice Network decision at the FindLaw Internet Legal Resources Web site.

Listen to the Schenck v. Pro-Choice Network oral argument in RealAudio at the Oyez Oyez Oyez Web site.

Background from The Post
Court Backs Fixed 15-Foot Buffer Zone at Clinics (Feb. 20, 1997)
Justices Question Buffer Zone at Abortion Clinics (Oct. 17, 1996)
Protesters and Their Targets (editorial) (Oct. 17, 1996)

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