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   SUPREME COURT/Key Cases 1996-1997

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Congressional Redistricting:
Abrams v. Johnson
United States v. Johnson

Argued: Dec. 9, 1996 Decided: June 19, 1997
Vote: 5 to 4
At Issue: Whether the District Court, in redrawing the Georgia congressional districts, disregarded the state's legislative policies and diluted black voting strength, violating Sections 2 and 5 of the Voting Rights Act. Also, whether the court should have allowed private intervention to defend the 2nd District's constitutionality.
Decision: The Court ruled to uphold a Georgia redistricting map with only one majority-black voting district, reaffirming the court's pattern of denouncing the use of race in the creation of voting rights districts.

Read the full text of the Abrams v. Johnson decision at the FindLaw Internet Legal Resources Web site.

Background from The Post
Race and Redistricting (editorial) (June 23, 1997)
New Georgia Voting Map Upheld by Supreme Court (June 20, 1997)
Ruling May Lead Some Black Politicians to Reassess Campaign Strategy (June 20, 1997)
Justices Revisit Issue of Minority Voting Districts (Dec. 10, 1996)

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