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Religious Restoration Act:
City of Boerne (Texas) v. Flores
Argued: Feb. 19, 1997 Decided: June 25, 1997
Vote: 6 to 3
At Issue: Whether the Religious Freedom Restoration Act violates the First and 14th Amendments, and whether Congress gave religion special privilege over other expressions of conscience in passing the act.
Decision: The Court struck down a federal law intended to protect religious practices from government interference as congressional overreaching.

Read the full text of the City of Boerne v. Flores decision at the FindLaw Internet Legal Resources Web site.

Read the transcript and listen to the City of Boerne v. Flores oral argument in RealAudio at the Oyez Oyez Oyez Web site.

Background from The Post
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Texas City Asserts Congress Is 'Overreaching' on Religion (Feb. 20, 1997)
High Court to Rule on Religion Law (Feb. 20, 1997)

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