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Live Online
Holding Court with Joan Biskupic

Post Supreme Court reporter Joan Biskupic. (The Post)
Joan Biskupic has covered the Supreme Court for The Washington Post since 1992. Co-author of the third edition of Congressional Quarterly's encyclopedia on the Supreme Court, she holds a law degree from Georgetown University. Biskupic covered government, politics and legal affairs for CQ's Weekly Report before joining The Post.

May 19 Farewell to Joan Biskupic and "Holding Court." Supreme Court on television; Clinton judicial appointments; releasing opinions; Violence Against Women Act case; Boy Scout case; writers on the court; changes in the court and the media; school admissions case; reporters with and without law degrees; Justice Scalia; the Kozinski-Lazarus feud; court secrecy; Ed Walsh on the Supreme Court beat; grandparents' rights
May 10 How the Supreme Court works; appeals courts and precedent; reporting on opinions; precedential value of split decisions; separation of church and state; how cases end up at the court; what the justices wear under their robes; going to hear oral argument and taking court tours; the Supreme Court's new Web site; justices' salaries; Microsoft anti-trust case; the grouchiest justice; the nicest justice; the duties of the chief justice; "Biskupic Impact"
May 5 Boy Scouts case; Elian Gonzalez; state supreme court decisions; ex-post facto case; athletes on the court; "partial-birth" abortion; Joan's leaving us for USA Today; minority clerks at the court; justices' papers
April 28 Gay Boy Scouts case; "partial birth" abortion case; Happy Birthday Justice Stevens; "blanket primary" case; racketeering case; the Supreme Court press corps; disbarrment from the Supreme Court bar; A-2 or A-3?
April 21 Miranda rights; Boy Scouts case; Elian Gonzalez; police tactics; expectation of privacy; drug searches; covering the court; Dickenson case; trademarks and patents; ADA case; Supreme Court Web site; age discrimination
April 14 Miranda case; Boy Scouts case; "partial birth" abortion; age discrimination case; Supreme Court Web site; Elian Gonzalez; New Hampshire Supreme Court controversy; Judicial Watch; veterans' cases
April 7 "Partial birth abortion" case; Miranda case; school prayer; right to privacy; Violence Against Women Act; Emerson case (5th Circuit) and gun rights; nude dancing; FDA tobacco decision; water rights; precedent.
March 31 Texas school prayer case; student fees case; Americans with Disabilities Act; Second Amendment; Supreme Court nominees; D.C. voting rights; FDA regulation of tobacco; nude dancing ruling; judicial confirmations; Linda Tripp case
March 24 Special guest Richard Carelli, Supreme Court reporter for the Associated Press; Supreme Court press corps; Second Amendment; reporting on denial of cert; same-sex marriages; student fees case; tobacco case; possible nominees to the court; ideology and strict constructionist views of the Constitution
March 17 Possible judicial nominees from Vice President Gore and Gov. Bush; the hold on Clinton judicial nominations; speculation aobut Justice Scalia; the possibility of a Hispanic nominee; Judge Frank Easterbrook; the lasting impression of presidents on the judiciary; gay marriage in Vermont; criminal prosecution of a sitting president
March 10 Religion and the law; police stops and searches; Hawaii voting rights case; non-mainstream religions and First Amendment cases; secular government and holidays; Tarver death penalty case and habeas granted with four votes; Texas school prayer/football game case; Ten Commandments in the courtroom; oil tanker ruling
March 3 ADA cases settled; Justice Breyer and tha NEA's annual reading day; Williams v. Taylor; oral arguments in police power cases; Abu-Jamal protests; Scalia for President?; drug search cases; decisions and orders lists; Alabama death penalty case; Finn case and the Virginia Supreme Court
Feb. 25 "Closed Chambers"; Hawaii voting rights case; HMOs and patients' rights; drug roadblock case; grandparent visitation; appointing chief justices; Roe v. Wade; Miranda case
Feb. 17 Suing HMOs under federal employee-benefits law; "Closed Chambers"; search and seizure cases; police searches of luggage and privacy rights; Miranda law; comp time and overtime provisions of the Fair Labor Standards Act; retirements; Rehnquist court's legacy
Feb. 11 Politics and the court; presidential appointments; the Supreme Court press corps; possible resignations; the judicial appointment process; possible nominees to the court; 11th Amendment rulings
Feb. 4 Abortion; judicial nominations; presidential candidates' judicial "litmus tests"; federal minimum wage case; fleeing suspects; choosing a chief justice; partial birth abortion case
Jan. 28 Campaign donations; State of the Union; age discrimination; Violence Against Women Act; future appointments; dealth penalty
Jan. 21 Age discrimination; privacy protection; opinion writing; the Fourteenth Amendment; future appointments; gay-rights litigation
Jan. 14 Grandparents' rights; preliminary decisions; police searches and flight; Miranda case; justices' oaths of office; Violence Against Women Act; discrimination rulings
Jan. 7 Customs of the court; Violence Against Women Act; visiting the court; states' rights; vouchers; protests; late-term abortion; cert pool
Dec. 16 Miranda principles; Miranda case; driver's license information; Microsoft case; Justice Ginsburg; dress codes at the court.
Dec. 10 Miranda principles; Miranda case; FDA tobacco case; swing votes on the court; Microsoft case; police records; airbag case; Cuban refugee.
Dec. 3 FDA-tobacco case; whistleblower provisions of the false claims act; peremptory challenges in jury selection; Justice Stevens blocking late-term abortion bans; aid to parochial schools.
Nov. 19 Gay rights; laws governing discrimination against lesbians and gays; same-sex marriage; special treatment v. equal treatment; school prayer case.
Nov. 12 First Amendment; student activity fees; long prison sentences; Driver's Privacy Protection Act; oral arguments in Reno v. Condon and Southworth; nude dancing; granting cert; gay families
Nov. 5 "Flight-frisk" cases; Justice Thomas; Miranda rule; workplace shootings and the 2nd Amendment; gay rights and discrimination against gays
Oct. 29 Police searches; "partial birth" abortion bans; whether death by electrocution is cruel and unusual punishment.
Oct. 22 Oral arguments at the Supreme Court: lawyer preparations, justices' questioning; the Supreme Court bar; search warrants at murder scenes; judges and juries; Violence Against Women Act; nude dancing
Oct. 15 Maine voucher case; Clean Water Act; age discrimination; 11th Amendment; police searches; Hubbell case; Nichols appeal; church-state issues; states' rights; nude dancing; 2nd Amendment
Oct. 8 The rejection of Judge Ronnie White; campaign finance; Miranda rights; Justice Ginsburg; affirmative action; patients' rights and HMOs
Oct. 1 The first Monday in Oct.; school prayer; grandparents' rights; Violence Against Women Act; HMOs; Justice Ginsburg
Sept. 24 Campaign finance; free speech; Justice Ginsburg's health; FDA tobacco case; federal tobacco lawsuit
Sept. 17 The 1999-2000 term and hot legal topics; Cyberspace law; Honda airbags liability case; tobacco regulation; campaign finance law; conflict of interest for judges
Sept. 10 How cases are chosen for the court term; the "cert pool"; buzzwords in briefs; hot issues in the 1999-2000 term; minority clerks; covering the court
Sept. 3 Jury activism; jury secrecy rules; product liability cases on "bad" industries; how grand juries work; The Post's jury study
Aug. 27 Round Two on guns and the Second Amendment; gay rights; and religious freedom
Aug. 20 Gay rights; the New Jersey Boy Scouts case; gay marriage in Vermont; the Defense of Marriage Act; anti-discrimination laws; gay adoption
Aug. 13 Everything you ever wanted to know about how the Supreme Court works: the justices, the clerks, the decision-making process and who gets along with whom
July 29 Religious freedom and the separation of church and state; Religious Liberty Protection Act; school prayer; posting the Ten Commandments in schools
July 23 High-dollar jury awards in product liability lawsuits; the $4.9 billion award in the GM case; rationale behind large punitive awards; jury instructions; Y2K liability legislation
July 16 The Second Amendment and the courts; gun control; gun laws; defining "militias" and the right to bear arms
July 9 Supreme Court case load; Americans With Disabilities Act; tobacco lawsuits; court voting blocs; Second Amendment; diversity among law clerks; casino ads
July 2 Judicial dissents; lawsuits against gun manufacturers; court voting blocs; judicial appointments; independent counsel law; states' rights rulings; oral arguments
June 25 Americans with Disabilities Act; an ongoing Louisiana voting rights case; conservative and liberal factions on the court; states' rights; the 1999-2000 term; retirement watch
June 18 The Warren Court; Ten Commandments; police power; reporter ride-alongs; legal Web sites; media coverage of the court

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