Peace Church, Vietnam
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  A village church. 1967. Vietnam. Crouched in a corner – ragged, sweaty, scared – a news photographer aims his camera at a wounded Marine seated near the altar. Three decades later, this picture would lead the photographer and the Marineís younger brother on a remarkable journey of history, healing and brotherhood.  By Phil McCombs

In May 1967 Peace Church was a refuge at the crossroads of war.

Robert Sutter would trace his brotherís footsteps for the next 30 years.

A brother makes peace with a war that wreaked havoc in his nation, his family and his own soul.   

  The story of the mystery Marine at Peace Church takes on a new ending.  
  The Battle
"An exhausted Marine finds refuge inside a church in An Hoa during a heavy North Vietnamese mortar attack." 1967 UPI caption.
(By Frank Johnston, Courtesy UPI/Corbis-Bettman)

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