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Cloning Opinions

A selection of editorials and opinions from The Washington Post.

Words on ... Cloning
Quotes from scientists, professors and politicians on cloning.

Who's Afraid of Human Cloning?
February 10, 1998
A bill to ban human cloning is a colossal mistake – a triumph of superstition, government coercion, self-righteousness and fear over good sense, health, family values and confidence in the future.

Hold Off on Cloning
January 13, 1998
I'm uneasy about interfering with the advances of science and the freedom of scientists. But I'm even more uneasy about tampering with the "moral and social" sense of what it means to be a human being.

Hello, Dolly
March 30, 1997
I persist in thinking that someday – and sooner than we think – we will have to deal with the death of death.

Cloning Chatter
March 15, 1997
Even if the dangers of cloning prove overwhelming, open-eyed caution is a better defense against them than determined ignorance.

Post-Clone Consciousness
March 3, 1997
The only good outcome to Dolly is sensible, humane regulation, based not on courtroom decisions, but on broad, informed public debate. Understanding the science is the first, essential step.

The Key: When Life Begins
March 2, 1997
We should encourage science to proceed cautiously, openly and with a willingness to be regulated by institutions that seek not only to promote science or monetary gain, but to protect the public good.

The Moral Hazards of Scientific Wonders
February 26, 1997
This is not the "conquest of nature," it is the abolition of man, because humanity is supposed to be an endless chain, not a series of mirrors.

Should We Fear Dolly?
February 25, 1997
So should we fear Dolly – and what might follow? Sure, worry. But let's also celebrate.

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