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Energy Report Highlights

Friday, May 18, 2001; Page A09


• Ease restrictions on oil and gas development on public lands.
• Open a portion of the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge in Alaska to drilling.
• Ease permit process for refinery expansion and construction.
• Speed license procedures for hydroelectric dams and geothermal plants.
• Order agencies to expedite permits for energy-related projects.


• Pursue a national nuclear waste repository, despite controversy surrounding the Yucca Mountain site in Nevada. Yucca Mountain is not singled out in the report.
• Adjust regulations to speed relicensing of reactors and licensing of new plants.
• Give tax breaks to buy nuclear plants.
• Reconsider reprocessing of nuclear fuel, ended in 1970s because of fear of nuclear proliferation.

Renewable energy:

• Provide tax credits to encourage development of energy plants that use organic waste, or biomass.
• Continue tax credits for wind energy generation.
• Give tax credit of 15 percent for homeowners who purchase solar panels.
• Study whether to require automobiles to meet higher fuel efficiency standards.
• Propose $5 billion in new spending, most of which goes to tax credits for renewable energy and conservation projects.
• Enact legislation to expand alternative fuels tax incentives to include landfills that capture methane gas emissions for electricity generation.


• Give tax credit for purchase of high-mileage, hybrid or fuel cell vehicles.
• Provide tax benefits and regulatory relief for co-generation plants that produce heat and electricity.

Power plants:

• Streamline approval process for siting power plants.
• Give government authority to take property through eminent domain for power lines.
• Provide tax breaks for developing clean coal technologies.
• Ease regulatory barriers, including clean air rules, to make plants more efficient.


• Spur U.S. participation in Caspian Sea oil and gas development.
• Step up diplomatic efforts to expand oil production in Latin America, Asia and Caspian Sea nations such as Azerbaijan.
• Review whether to increase flexibility in the web of regional "boutique" gasoline blends that industry says contributes to supply shortages and price spikes, while maintaining clean-air standards.
• Order federal agencies to consider the impact on energy supplies when writing regulations.

SOURCES: Associated Press, White House

© 2001 The Washington Post Company


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