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Key to Party Abbreviations

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ACP A Connecticut Party
AFC American First Coalition
AHP American Heritage Party
AIP American Independent Party
AKI Alaskan Independence Party
Am.1st      America First Party
Amr. American
Best Best
CA Constitutional American Party
CC Concerned Citizens Party
CF Citizens First
CM Cool Moose
Cnl. Constitutional Party
CNT Campaign for a New Tomorrow
Con. Conservative Party
CRK Politicians Are Crooks
CST Constitution Party
D Democratic Party
EF Earth Federation
ERP Economic Recovery Party
FIN Fusion Independent
FNP Future Now Party
Free. Freedom Party
GCP Green Coalition Party
Green Green Party
GRP Grass Roots Party
HWP Harold Washington Party
I Independent
IAP Independent American Party
ICP Ind. Christian Profile
IER Ind. for Economic Recovery
IF Independent Fusion
IG Independent Grassroots
INP Independent-Progressive Party
IP Independence Party
IPC Independent People's Coalition
IPU Independent Party of Utah
IVP Independent Voters
JPR Jobs Property Rights
Just. Justice Party
Lbl. Liberal Party
LBP Looking Back Party
LFM Labor and Farm
Lib. Libertarian Party
LIF Long Island First
LMJ Legalize Marijuana
LU Liberty Union
MCA Moderate Citizens Accnt.
Mnt. Mountain Party
MRP Marijuana Reform Party
MTP Mississippi Taxpayers
N/A None/other
NAL New Alliance
NJC New Jersey Conservative
NJI New Jersey Independents
N.L.br. National Labor Party
NLP Natural Law Party
NP New Perspective
NPP New Progressive Party
NPt. Non-partisan
NuRA Nutritional Rights Alliance
Open Open
O.Tx. Orange Taxpayers
Pac. Pacific
Pat. Patriot Party
PBL Pro-Bethel
PFP Peace and Freedom Party
Phb. Prohibition Party
PLC Pro-Life Conservative
Pop. Populist
PP Patriots Party
Pr.F. Protecting Freedom
Prg. Progressive Party
Pr.L. Pro-Life
PTC Property Tax Cut
PV People of Vermont
R Republican Party
Ref. Reform Party
Res. Resource Party
ROP   Running on Principles
RTL Right to Life
SE  Socialist Equality Party
Sen. Save Seniors
SM Save Medicare
Soc. Socialist Party
SPU Socialist USA
SSS Save Social Security
Sta. Statehood Party
STC Star Tax Cut
STG D.C. Statehood Green Party
SWP Socialist Workers Party
TAP The American Party
TC Tax Cut
TCN Tax Cut Now
TLL Truth Life Liberty
TLm. Term Limits
TSC Timesizing.com
TTP The Third Party
U The Umoja Party
UAd. United Advocacy
Una. Unaffiliated
UND Undauntable Stalwart All 
Unity Unity
Unr. Unenrolled
UST U.S. Taxpayers Party
VG Vermont Grassroots Party
VRP Voter Rights Party
WCP Working Class Party
WF Working Families Party
Wi.T. Wisconsin Taxpayers Party 
WSN West Side Neighbors
WTP We the People
WV Workers for Vermont
WW Workers World Party

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