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Election 2000 Contest: Video/Audio Features

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Recounts and Challenges
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Election Night Coverage
Post Audio/Video

Sights and Sounds of Election 2000
Video: Bush Accepts Presidency (12/13)
Video: Gore Concedes (12/13)
Video: Recount 2000 Slideshow (12/13)
MSNBC Video: The Post's Bob Woodward (12/13)
Video: Cheney Meets Congressional Leaders (12/13)
Video: The Rev. Jesse Jackson Leads Fla. Rally (12/13)
Video: The Post's Mike Allen (12/13)
Video: Bush Campaign Adviser James A. Baker III (12/12)
MSNBC Video: Fla. House Approves Electors (12/12)
Video: Fla. House Approves Electors (12/12)
Video: Fla. Supreme Court Spokesman (12/12)
Video: The Post's Mike Allen on the Bush Camp's Mood (12/12)
Audio: Washingtonpost.com's Christina Pino-Marina Outside U.S. Supreme Court (12/12)
MSNBC Video: Former U.S. Supreme Court Clerks (12/12)
Audio: U.S. Supreme Court Arguments (12/11)
Audio Excerpts: Bush Lawyer, Part 1 | Part 2 | Gore Lawyer | Atty. for Fla. Secy. of State (12/11)
MSNBC Video: The Post's Bob Woodward (12/11)
MSNBC Video: Florida House Speaker Tom Feeney (12/11)
MSNBC Video: Florida Supreme Court Spokesman Craig Waters (12/11)
Video: The Post's Ruth Marcus (12/11)
Audio: The Post's James Grimaldi (12/11)
MSNBC Video: Washingtonpost.com's Cliff Sloan (12/11)
Audio Analysis: The Post's James Grimaldi (12/8)
MSNBC Video: The Post's David Von Drehle (12/8)
MSNBC Video: Bush Campaign Adviser James A. Baker III (12/8)
MSNBC Video: Gore Campaign Chairman William Daley (12/8)
Fla. Supreme Court Spokesman Announces Decision (12/8)
MSNBC Video: Rulings in Seminole and Martin Counties (12/8)
Fla. Supreme Court Arguments (12/7)
The Post's Roberto Suro (12/7)
The Post's Charles Babington (12/7)
Fla. Legislature Announces Special Session (12/6)
Roundtable: Post's Babington, Balz (12/6)
Vice President Gore (12/5)
AP: Bush Transition Effort (12/5)
Florida Supreme Court on Appeal (12/5)
Sen. Joseph I. Lieberman (12/5)
The Post's James Grimaldi (12/5)
Leon County Judge's Ruling (12/4)
The Post's Ruth Marcus (12/4)
Fla. Supreme Court Spokesman (12/4)
Bush, Cheney, Lott, Hastert Meet (12/2)
Complete Supreme Court Audio (12/1)
Bush Attorney Olson: Parts I | II (12/1)
Gore Attorney Laurence Tribe (12/1)
Fla. Attorney General's Counsel (12/1)
Fla. Secretary of State's Counsel (12/1)
Outside the Supreme Court (12/1)
A Dog's-Eye View (12/1)
Bush, Powell Press Conference (11/30)
Palm Beach Ballots Trucked to Tallahassee (11/30)
Richard B. Cheney (11/29)
The Post's Ruth Marcus (11/28)
Bush Communications Director Karen Hughes (11/28)
Partisan Opinions (11/28)
Fla. Supreme Court Spokesman (11/28)
Jesse Jackson (11/28)
The Post's Colbert I. King (11/28)
Panorama: Bush Supporters Outside Gore Residence (11/28)
Vice President Gore Contests Fla. Election (11/27)
Richard B. Cheney on Transition (11/27)
President Clinton (11/27)
Fla. Supreme Court (11/27)
Gov. Bush Claims Victory in Fla. (11/26)
Fla. Secretary of State Katherine Harris Certifies State Election (11/26)
Reaction: Sen. Joseph I. Lieberman (11/26)
Reaction: Bush Adviser James A. Baker III (11/26)
Gore Campaign Attorney David Boies (11/26)
Bob Dole on Military Ballots (11/24)
George W. Bush on Fla. Supreme Court Ruling (11/22)
Gore Campaign Chairman William Daley (11/22)
Bush Adviser James A. Baker III (11/21)
Vice President Gore on Fla. Supreme Court Ruling (11/21)
Gore Legal Adviser David Boies (11/21)
Fla. Supreme Court's Announcement of Ruling (11/21)
Bush Adviser Mike Carvin (11/16)
Gore Campaign Chairman William Daley (11/16)
Gore Adviser David Boies (11/16)
Palm Beach County Reactions (11/16)
Post Video Roundtable: Babington and Marcus (11/16)
Fla. Sec. of State Rejects Recount Requests (11/15)
Vice President Gore's Proposal (11/15)
Bush Rejects Gore Proposal (11/15)
About "Chad" (11/15)
Reactions From West Palm Beach (11/15)
The Post's Dan Keating on Absentee Ballots (11/15)
Roundtable: The Post's Charles Babington and Dan Balz (11/15)
Vice President Gore's Legal Team (11/15)
Karen Hughes (11/15)
Warren Christopher (11/15)
Roundtable: Post's Babington, Balz (11/15)
Fla. Secretary of State (11/14)
Volusia County Results (11/14)
Palm Beach Vote Certified (11/14)
Palm Beach Recount Moves Forward (11/14)
Judge's Ruling (11/14)
Judge Upholds Recount Deadline (11/13)
Baker Makes Proposal to Gore Campaign (11/13)
Palm Beach Recount Update (11/13)
The Post's Barbash on the Electoral College (11/13)
Gore Statement (11/13)
Bush Spokeswoman Karen Hughes (11/13)
All About the Ballots (11/13)
Protesters, Absentee Ballots (11/12)
Foreign Correspondents React (11/12)
Republicans Take Sides (11/11)
Palm Beach County Revote Update (11/11)
Palm Beach County Revote Disputed (11/10)
Surrogates Bicker Over Recount (11/10)
The Post's Charles Lane on Legalities of Fla. Balloting Controversy (11/10)
The Post's David Broder on Election Close Calls (11/10)
Former Secretaries of State James A. Baker III and Warren Christopher (11/10)
Fla. Judge Grants Injunction (11/9)
Post's Mike Allen on Bush Campaign (11/9)
Florida Student Protest (11/9)
Howard Kurtz on Election Coverage (11/9)
Palm Beach Lawsuit Filed (11/9)
Palm Beach Voters Demand Re-Vote (11/9)
Audio Report: Protest in Palm Beach (11/9)
Gore Campaign Chairman Daley (11/9)
Vice President Gore (11/8)
Fla. Gov. Jeb Bush (11/8)
President Clinton Talks to Reporters (11/8)
Bush and Cheney Talk to Reporters (11/8)
Local Voter Reactions (11/8)
Post's Mike Allen From Austin, Tex. (11/8)
Bush Supporters Ride Emotional Roller Coaster (11/8)
Florida Attorney General (11/8)
Bush Campaign Chairman in Austin (11/8)
Gore Supporters React (11/7)
Election Day Video Coverage

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