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Elections 2000

George W. Bush
Vice President Gore and Texas Gov. George W. Bush on the campaign trail.
OnPolitics Election 2000
Complete Coverage.

From the Post
Complete Story Archive

Video/Audio Features
Sights and Sounds of Election 2000
Bush Campaign Chairman in Austin
Nader Campaign Ends
Clinton Celebrates
Lazio Concedes
Gore Supporters React
Gov. George W. Bush on Early Electoral Votes
Bush Wins Tennessee
George Allen Celebrates
Sen. Charles Robb Concedes
The Post's John Harris on Hillary Clinton's Win
Assessing Gov. Bush
Large Voter Turnout
Gore and Lieberman Vote
Bush and Cheney Vote
President Clinton Votes
Tennesseeans Go to Polls
The Post's Terry Neal in Austin
Bush Campaign Headquarters
A Voice From Carthage
Bush Courts Tennessee
Democratic Headquarters in Nashville
In Texas: Another Point of View
Voters Quietly Go to Polls
Retrospective: The Story So Far
The Ground War
The Post's Babington, Balz

The Florida Recount Video Coverage

Former secretary of state James A. Baker III
Fla. Secretary of State
Bush campaign chairman Don Evans

Panoramic Images
Bush Supporters in Austin Tex.
Gore Supporters Await Florida Vote
Media Crews in Nashville
Austin Welcomes Bush
GOP War Room
Setting the Stage in Austin, Texas
Gore Headquarters

Live Online
Gov. John Rowland (R-Conn.)
The Post's Howard Kurtz
The Greens and Gore
Gore's Battleground Strategy
The Post's Grunwald on N.Y.
The Post's Levey on Campaign 2000
The Post's Dan Balz on Election 2000
The Post's The Post's Terry Neal on Bush
The Post's Connolly on Gore
The Post's Dewar on congressional races

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