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Text: Fla. Supreme Court Clarifies Ruling

Monday, December 11, 2000

Following is the transcript of Fla. Supreme Court spokesman Craig Waters announcing the court's 6-1 opinion clarifying that its earlier decision was based on state law.

WATERS: I have two matters to announce.

First, the court has had a number of questions about the ballots being held here in the building. So let me reiterate and expand upon the remarks I made yesterday.

These are the ballots in evidence in the case now pending before the United States Supreme Court. Here inside this building they are in a secure room under constant guard. They have been here since being returned Saturday evening.

This is all the information available about the ballots at the present time.

Second, the court this afternoon has issue an opinion in the vote recount case previously remanded by the United States Supreme Court: "Pursuant to the instructions of the United States Supreme Court, this court has clarified that its earlier decision is based on long-standing rules of statutory construction."

The vote on this opinion was 6-1. Chief Justice Charles T. Wells dissented. His dissent reads: "I dissent from issuing a new decision while the United States Supreme Court has under consideration Bush versus Gore, and I do not concur in the reissued opinion."

Paper copies of the opinion will be available here at the front door, and copies will be posted on our duplicate web sites as soon as possible.

Thank you.

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