Photos from the White House often portray compelling dramatic images of history. From Richard Nixon's wave from the helicopter on his final day as president to the grimaces of the president's men as they testified in Congress, images from the Watergate years stand the test of time. This gallery combines some of the best photos from The Washington Post and other photographers of the period.

Watergate Photo Gallery

Watergate Evidence Photo Gallery

Richard Nixon's White House tapes are compelling slices of history. They allow the listener to have a seat in the Oval Office but can also be an exercise in frustration, since much of the dialogue is almost impossible to decipher. Listen:

'Cancer on the Presidency'
March 21, 1973

The 'Smoking Gun'
June 23, 1972

Breaking Into Brookings
July 1, 1971

A Listener's Guide

Video from the Watergate period is filled with strange lighting; sporadic audio and weird background colors. But, the television coverage from the period also provides a unique perspective.

Courtesy of National Archives/CBS
Aug. 9, 1974: Nixon Says Farewell to Staff
Aug. 8, 1974: Nixon Announces Resignation
Nov. 17, 1973: Nixon: "I'm Not a Crook"
June 1973: Dean Testifies

Clips From "All The President's Men"
Courtesy of Warner Bros.

"We're Under a Lot of Pressure, You Know"
"Follow the Money"
"When Is Somebody Gonna Go on the Record in This Story?"

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