Geography Of Distress

Washington area homeowners continue to struggle to save their homes even as the Obama administration pushes lenders to do more to help troubled borrowers. In Northern Virginia, the foreclosure crisis remains most acute in the outer suburbs. In the District, homeowners in Benning and parts of Northeast are among those suffering the most. A recent change in Maryland law granted borrowers more time before lenders could repossess homes, causing a dip in foreclosure auctions last year. But across the region, rising unemployment is likely to force more borrowers to fall behind on their mortgages through the end of this year.
Foreclosed-property auctions

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SOURCE: Public filings assembled by Realty Trac; By Dan Keating, Nathaniel Vaughn Kelso and Cristina Rivero - The Washington Post

How Do Local Foreclosures and Property Values Affect You?

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