Broadcasters Prepare for
DTV Transition


Broadcasters across the nation have begun the final push to turn off the analog signals they've been using for more than six decades and move to all-digital programming. » Read More

A Digital Dream?

After years of development, the future arrives this week, and it's not exactly as advertised.


Your Television

See if your television is ready for the transition.

Local Signal Sources

For optimal reception in the D.C. area, point your antennas toward these areas.

Recent Articles and Updates
Are You Ready?
Rob Pegoraro

Rob Pegoraro

Tech trouble-shooting and how to hook up the converter box.

FCC's Jessica Almond

Find out if you're ready for the transition.

Upgrading to DTV

The Post's Kim Hart provides a demonstration.
TV Grids
TV Grids

View complete TV listings, record your favorite shows and more.

What Is DTV?

The digital TV transition is the switch broadcasters will make from carrying traditional analog television signals to digital signals. Broadcasters will stop carrying analog signals at midnight on June 12, 2009.

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