Multimedia: Earthquake in China

On May 12th, a 7.9-magnitude quake killed 70,000 people in China's Sichuan province. videojournalist Travis Fox was on assigment in China at the time and was among the first Western journalists to reach the earthquake zone, where he filed daily panoramas and video dispatches. Click on the icons below to explore.

China Earthquake
19 May 2008 - The population of the town by Beichuan has been reduced to zero, but former residents return daily to try to find what remains of their loved ones, a task that is nearly impossible.
23 May 2008 - Li Shan Fu's 16-year-old daughter was pulled from the rubble only be to lost after being taken away in an ambulance. As Li continues his search, other parents' grief turns into anger.
21 May 2008 - The 20,000 earthquake victims crammed into a stadium in Mianyang survive largely based on the goodwill of volunteers, and each other's helping hand.
16 May 2008 - In the town of Dujiangyan, China, workers continued to search collapsed buildings for survivors and victims four days after the earthquake. Tian Rong Li has waited since Monday for the bodies of her parents to be retrieved. Others held out hope survivors still might be found, and captured on film.
earthquake damage in central china
The town of Yingxiu, China was close to the epicenter of the earthquake and was completely destroyed. The sides of the mountains used to be filled with trees, but landslides have made them mostly barren.

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