Sept. 1, 2000, Age 25

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Jones, a Howard University student, was on his way to his fiancee's house in Fairfax when he noticed a Mitsubishi Montero was following him. The driver of the vehicle was Carlton B. Jones, a narcotics detective in plain clothes. Prince Jones tried to evade the officer's vehicle by pulling into a driveway and turning off his headlights a block from his destination. What happened next is unclear, but Det. Jones fired 16 rounds into Prince Jones vehicle, hitting him five times in the back. Officials later confirmed that Det. Jones had mistaken Prince Jones for someone else.

Carol Guzy-The Washington Post
Howard University students rally at the Justice Department to protest the Jones shooting.

Michael Lutzky- The Washington Post
Mable Jones and lawyer Ted J. Williams hold a news conference in September 2000 about the shooting of her son, Prince Jones.