Presidential Inauguration 2005

Bush Pledges to Spread Freedom
President Bush Thursday laid out one of the most expansive manifestos ever offered from an inaugural podium as he dedicated his presidency to spreading democracy and freedom "with the ultimate goal of ending tyranny in our world."
- Peter Baker & Michael A. Fletcher

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President Bush and first lady Laura Bush greet supporters at the Constitution Ball, one of nine official inaugural galas. (Getty Images)
Slide Show: Inaugural Balls
Guests of Honor, Dashing and Dancing
Panoramic Photos
Anti-Bush Protesters and Pro-Bush Demonstrators.
Bush Delivers Inaugural Address
Speech delivered in front of thousands.
Protesters on the Parade Route
Dancing at the Freedom Ball
Robert G. Kaiser. Ballou Makes It Big
The Ballou Knights Marching Band, from Ballou Senior High School in Southeast Washington, preps for the 55th inaugural parade.

Parties & Events

Photo related to stories, photo galleries and multimedia about the 2005 presidential inaugural balls and parties, following the inauguration and swearing-in of George W. Bush. Photo Gallery
Having a ball: After a day of ceremony, the first family celebrates.
Dashing and Dancing
Late Night Parties
Counterinaugural Parties
Panoramic View: Freedom Ball
Black Tie and Boots
Presidential Exhibits


Photo related to political news analysis regarding the 2005 presidential inauguration and the administration of George W Bush. For the Record
Bush's words on liberty don't mesh with policies as U.S. maintains close ties with repressive nations.
- Glenn Kessler and Robin Wright
Instant Analysis: The Post's Kaiser
Broder: Big Goals, Unshakable Faith
Hill Serves Up Bipartisanship
A Stoical Kerry on Bush's Day

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Inaugural History

Photo related to the history of presidential inaugurations, including inaugural tradition, the inaugural address and music. Words for the Ages
A review of the best and worst inaugural addresses.
- David Von Drehle
Best and Worst List
Photo Gallery: Past Inaugurations
Inaugural Sites and Weather
Test Your Inaugural Knowledge

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The Swearing-In

Photo related to the swearing-in ceremony of George W. Bush at the 2005 presidential inauguration and his subsequent inaugural address. Inaugural Address
Transcript: President Bush stressed "expansion of freedom."
Video: Bush Sworn In
Video: Cheney Sworn In
Ailing Rehnquist Administers Oath
Inauguration Program

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The Inaugural Parade

A Fevered Pitch
Enthused supporters, vocal protesters alike jockey to get near president's motorcade.
- Maureen Fan
Ballou Puts Spring Back in Step
Crowd Control Dominates Busy Day
Metro Moves Crowds, Drivers Stay Home
A Supporting Cast of Thousands

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Inauguration Blog

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Inauguration Day 2005
Sights, sounds and vignettes from inaugural events from daybreak to midnight. (AP Photo) More dispatches »

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Featured presidential inauguration 2005 photo, video, audio or other multimedia
Inauguration Day
Photos from the ceremony and events of the day.

Bush's Address
Watch President Bush's entire Inaugural Address.

Ballou Band Marches
Ballou Sr. High School in Southeast Washington marches in the 55th inaugural parade.

Featured presidential inauguration 2005 photo, video, audio or other multimedia
Inaugural Eve
The nation's 55th inaugural celebration continued Wednesday with a fireworks display on the Ellipse, private candlelight dinners and the Black Tie and Boots Ball.

Familiar Face-Off
Anti-Bush protesters and counter-demonstrators vie for attention during the inauguration.

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