Inauguration 2005
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Inauguration Blog '05

9:54 a.m. ET
Working Through the Night
"This is what we train for," said Navy Capt. Curt Reilly, as he surveyed the gathering array of TV satellite trucks, buses, tents, feeding tables and security checkpoints in the pale light of the Pentagon parking lot just before dawn.

Reilly is spokesman for the Joint Task Force Armed Forces Inaugural Committee (JTFAFIC), for whom this is a National Special Security Event (NSSE) of gargantuan proportions.

"I was up at three this morning and I was probably one of the late arrivals," said Reilly. "Some of our folks never got home. They've been working through the night."

The unheralded JTFAFIC provides logistical support for the United States Secret Service(USSS), the lead agency for inaugural security.
But as a military unit, the moment means more than just logistics.

"It's a change of command ceremony for us," said Reilly, "though in this case, with President Bush, it's really a continuation of command." -- D'Vera Cohn
Inauguration 2005
9:32 a.m. ET
Video: Bush Goes to Church Service
President Bush attends service at St. John's Church with his family. (MSNBC video)

9:32 a.m. ET
A Big Break
As the sun rose over the parade staging area at the Pentagon Parking lot today, so rose the buzz among the multitudes assembled in readiness for the parade: the Kings Firecrackers Jump Rope Performance Team of Kings Mill, Ohio; the Bluejay Brigade Marching Band of Menasha, Wis., the Mid American Pompon brigade of Framington Hills, Mich, and all the rest.

The Kings Firecrackers needed no lectures or essays about the true meaning of a presidential inaugural parade.

"It's a once in a lifetime chance," said Tawny Moore, 14.

"Everybody's really excited," said Kyle Fortenberry, 17, the drum major for Gautier (Mississippi) High School Marching Band. "Nobody knows our community. . . ."

This, he said, is "our chance." -- D'Vera Cohn
Inauguration 2005
8:57 a.m. ET
'The President's Own'
Members of the U.S. Marine Band marching unit prepare for the inaugural parade near the Capitol.
 (Jennifer Crandall)

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