Inauguration 2005
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Inauguration Blog '05

Inauguration 2005
10:20 p.m. ET
President Bush presents first lady Laura Bush with two roses at the Patriot Ball at the Washington Convention Center. The roses were handed to Bush by a woman in the crowd. (Scott Miller - Reuters)
Inauguration 2005
10:09 p.m. ET
President Bush waves to the crowd with first lady Laura Bush at the Stars and Stripes Ball at the Washington Convention Center. (Don Emmert - AFP)
Inauguration 2005
9:56 p.m. ET
Vice President Cheney and his wife, Lynne, danced to taped music at the Commander-in-Chief Ball at the National Building Museum after the band had left. (Susan Biddle - The Washington Post)
Inauguration 2005
9:54 p.m. ET
Cheryl and Christopher Sweeney of Palm City, Fla., enjoy the evening at the Constitution Ball, held at the Washington Hilton. (Marvin Joseph - The Washington Post)
9:47 p.m. ET
Panorama: The Freedom Ball
Revelers at the Freedom Ball in Union Station celebrate the inauguration of George W. Bush while dancing to the Gene Donati Orchestra. Panoramic Photo
Inauguration 2005
9:28 p.m. ET
Supporters cheer as the president and first lady dance at the Freedom Ball. The inaugural ball was sponsored by state organizations from Alaska, Alabama, Illinois, Kansas, Louisiana and Michigan. (Paul J. Richards - AFP)
Inauguration 2005
9:23 p.m. ET
President Bush enjoys a tender dance with his wife, Laura, at the Texas Wyoming Ball at the Washington Convention Center. (Gary Hershorn - Reuters)
9:20 p.m. ET
Live at the Balls
The president and first lady continue their evening of celebration at the inaugural balls. Live Now
8:36 p.m. ET
Panorama: Protesting
As George W. Bush and the inaugural parade pass Third Street and Constitution Avenue NW, protesters show opposition through lewd hand gestures alongside the president's supporters. Panoramic Photo
Inauguration 2005
8:32 p.m. ET
Eager celebrants take photos of President Bush at the Constitution Ball in the Washington Hilton Hotel. The Constitution Ball is put on by the states of Arkansas, Connecticut, Georgia, Indiana, Maine, Minnesota, Mississippi, Montana, Nevada, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Oregon, West Virginia, Wisconsin, as well as American Samoa, Guam, Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands. (Elise Amendola - AP)

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